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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Practically all lovers of astrology know that there are 12 houses in the horoscope and all the events of life have to attribute to one or the other. Without dwelling on technicalities, it would suffice to say that common man interested in astrology should known the broad following significations of houses:


1st House (Lagna - Ascendant)


    Self, physical structure, complexion, constitution health, vitality, personality, dignity, prosperity, upper part of the face, start in life and even longevity depending on the strength of the Lagna Lord. Lagna (1st house) is the rising sign.


2nd House (house of family and money matters)


    All transactions of money (financial maters), profit and losses, right eye, worldly attainments, family and family members (family in which born). Also Marka (the house of death).


3rd House (for courage and for younger brother)


    All matters of courage (shoulders and arms), mental inclination, ability, courage, valor, prowess, younger brothers and sisters, neighbors and relatives in general, some attribute throat and hands to the 3rd house.


4th House (House to live- home)


    Mother is represented by the 4th house. Home, residence, conveyance, purchase and sale or properties, domestic environments, lands and academic education.


5th House (House of Children)


    All matters regarding children – right from conception to birth, education/ career of the children, birth of twins, and number of children come under the 5 th house. Pleasures, recreation, sports, competitive activates including competitive examination also come under the 5th house. In addition, intelligence, high learning fall under the 5th house.


6th house (House of diseases and debts).


    Diseases and sickness have to be looked from the 6th house. Debts and related matters i.e. liquidation of debts, service/profession etc, servants, cattle, enemies, and some say tenants are signified by the 6th house.



7th House (for marriage and partnerships)


    House of marriage, union or earthly ties, partner in life (wife or husband) and partner in business, conjugal life and happiness in marries life. At the same time this is also Marks (House of death).


8th House (House of Longevity)


    Longevity or span of life, death, inheritance, legacies, wills, pension, accidents, misfortunes, matters for sorrow, widowhood, worries, obstacles and delays, loss, defeat, dejection and depression come under the 8th house.


9th House (House of Karma)


    All about divine help, worship, fortune, philosophy, charitable disposition, religious beliefs and performing religious deeds, father to be known from the 9th house. In addition foreign travel and higher education is attributed to 9th house.


10th House (House of Karma)


    Business, profession, means of livelihood, honor, dignity, public esteem, fame, authority, prestige, respect and reputation, scandals in business, worldly activities (Karma). Promotion and advancement, government, government authority and favor from the Government.


11th House (House of Friends and elder brother and Gains)


    All matter concerning friends, society, elder brother, ambitious, gains of wealth, success in undertaking, income, house of gains (wealth), Property, conveyances etc. come withering the ambit of 11th house.


12th House (House of loss, expenditure, Moksha)


    Apart from 7th house, this is also a house for comforts of the bed. Left-eye, expenditure, loss and impediments, extravagance, separation from family including setting in a foreign country, imprisonment donations, secret enemies, sensual pleasures and occult affairs come under the 12th house.


It may be mentioned that 6th, 8th and 12th house are considered to be inauspicious houses.


Shanker Adawal

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