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Corporate Astrology, Part - I

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Corporate astrology is the concept being developed with reference to modern times. It is the application of astrological principles to the companies, firms, institutions, organization etc. the combined study of the horoscopes of the company, of the Managing Director enable to guide about the prospects of the company, steps it should take to ensure prosperity. The principles have been coined from the book on astrology and some positive indications including about the commodities ruled by curtains planets, companies coming under direct influence of planets and what is the auspicious time for expansion or to go for public issue and in what way all the corporate problems can be solved via astrology.

From various principles, it has been seen that all the commodities come under the domains of one planet/ Nakshtra etc. accordingly the results have to be deduced after knowing the significations of these commodities. For example Gold, Ruby, Pearls, Banking Financial institutions specially of the government come under the Sun, Sliver, jewellery, aluminum products, sea products, perfumes, sacred rivers, shipping etc come under the domain of the Moon, iron, steel, electricity fire is signified by Mars and so on, the Planets and their Nakshtra rule the commodities.

Applying the well laid down principles, the companies specially for share market etc. have been classified with reference to the nature of business and the ruling planet. For ecample, the Sun rules Ashok Leyland, Premier Padmini, Maruti, Maruti Udyog, Companies dealing with liquid (all type, petrol, edible oils) and watery products come under the domain the Moon apart from the Bullion (silver etc.) Mars governs companies liked Indian Aluminum, Atul Products, India cements etc and Mercury rules over leasing and financing companies and companies like Yam Organic, Sandoz Pharma, Tata Chemicals etc. Similarly, all the companies come under the influence of one Planet or other thus affecting the values of their shares and their prosperity or adverse times inducing incapacity to re-pay the laons and facing of litigations etc.

The following astrological principles concerning the corporate sector would be of interest to the readers:

1)  Cotton market is expected to flare up when the Sun and Mars come into one Nakshtra.
2)  Ups and down in the market and daily fluctuations in the share market are mainly governed by the Moon and Mercury supported by the benefic or malefic influence of Jupiter who is signification of plenty and prosperity but at the same time responsible for slump or depression.
3)  If the Jupiter aspects the Sun immediately on its entry into another sign, the slump in the markets of cotton and oil seeds can't be ruled out.
4)  Thursday ruled by Jupiter has also a say in the matter there will be a fall in general in shares and commodity market when there are 5 Thursdays in the Indian month.
5)  Solar ingress on Saturdays results in good rise in the markets of cotton and oil seeds. Similarly, Saturn and Mars aspecting the Sun may flare up the market.
6)  With the entry of Venus in the sign Sagittarius, the cotton market is expected to fall within 24 hours.
7)  Jupiter in its Direct motion creates abundant production and fall in prices while Retrograde Jupiter remarkable raises the prices.
8)  Price of ghee goes up when the Mercury in its Retrograde Motion is in its own sign Virgo.

Shanker Adawal
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  1. It is extremely important to study the horoscopes of companies, periods n sub periods and their share price movement at different periods/ planetary movements


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