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Corporate Astrology, Part - II

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

As is now known to all, specially those having read about me, that Corporate Astrology (a concept coined by me recently) is the application of astrological principles to companies, firms, organizations, etc. the effects and significations of the planets, houses and Nakshtras on Corporate Sector had been discussed separately from time to time. Those interested in this branch of astrology may get in touch with the author.

Now, the Sings (Rasis) i.e. from Aries to Pisces have also a say in the matter. All signs indicate different matters and materials to be taken into account while giving prediction about the corporate astrology. At least three horoscopes need to be studied i.e. of the company of the Managing Director or Chairman and of one key person handling the daily affairs of the company. Briefly, the signs indicate as under.

ARIES: Common people, politics and politicians, leaders including criminal rebels, law enforcement. Metallurgical engineering, mining engineers, furnace, kilns, (builders and brick owners), surgeons and surgical operations, unfrequented lands or unexplored lands, and for medical companies, disease of inflammatory type, small pox, excessive bleeding and brain diseases are indicated.

TAURUS: Taurus is India's Lagna and it indicates the earning capacity of the nation i.e. profit and loss, banks and bankers including money lending and finance companies, shares and securities, safe-deposit companies engaged in wood work specially of very high quality, food production including some aspect of agriculture i.e. cattle's, farmers, dairy equipment, stables for horses, Journalism, printing and televisions, companies engaged in geological worked, insurance brokers, road builders, forestry and stone masonry and library works including writing works.

GEMINI: Air and Air transport, air ships, traveling agency companies, trains and transit affairs, automobile industry including street cars, sub-ways, buses, communications industry in general, radio, television, broadcasting, advertising agencies, wireless and broadcasting techniques including the present day Fax and Cellular etc. books and publication, libraries, schools and teachers, professors, education, scientists, mathematics, inventors, intellectual organizations, journalism and news-papers-rather writing of all kinds, stocks in general, stock broking and stock exchange, stock in general market, speculators, placement services (companies engaged in providing placement services), companies engaged in the development of high places, mountains and their suburbs, hilly areas. Companies manufacturing medicines for asthma and tuberculosis.

CANCER: Land, landlord and building, canals and rivers, hotels, real estate, residential areas, dam building, home, laboratories, restaurants, bars, beaches, lakes, rivers, sea bathe house, (companies manufacturing items for bath-rooms), swimming pools, godown for storing food production and its distribution, municipal services and politics, charity and charitable organizations devoted to feeding the people, bakeries, glass-ware factories, grave and grave-yard, laundries, liquids in general for stomach disorders. Tumours, nourishment and also for diseases of the childhood.
LEO: Rulers of the country i.e. the present day Prime Ministers / Presidents, Government officials and Government buildings, royal functions, high society, princes and crown, the companies catering to the needs of above, Ambassadors, places of amusement, circuses, dance halls, gambling den, games of chance, fold course, motion pictures, music and social parties, entertainment industry, modeling companies dealing with weapons and fire equipments, goldsmiths and jewellery, all type of investments, speculators, stock brokers, treasures, food specially non-veg, mountain tops, wild beasts, wild life and zoo, companies manufacturing medicines for heart disease, sun-strokes, cholera and yellow fever. Heart specialist also comes under Leo.

VIRGO: armed forces any army affairs companies catering to the needs of armed forces, crops and crops growers, orchards, poultry, wheat fields, agriculture and animal husbandry, printers, servants in general, booking and travel agency companies, book-keepers, accountant and computers, labour union, dry cleaners, life saving services, likd red cross society etc.  Health and its general conditions including nurses/ doctors, human societies relief societies and pharmacists come under Virgo. Other diseases under the domain of Virgo are dysentery, obstruction of intestine, constipation, diseases due to diet deficiency etc.

LIBRA: Politics, politicians, diplomats and diplomacy, harbors for ships, judiciary, judicial systems, judges, law courts and advocates, litigation and law suits. Marriage and all matters relating to marriages, divorces, social gathering, marriage counselors, fashionable women and those using perfumes and customs, romance, actors/actresses, manufacturers of clothes, public relations, china-ware manufactures, diamonds, forests, legal partnerships, furniture factories, saw mills, open fields. Companies manufacturing medicines for kidney diseases, accidents to kidney, diabetes, eczema etc.

SCORPIO: Cabinet of the Prime minister or President, unclear scientists, scientific research, statistics, chemistry, archeologists, Naval Officers, truants/ cruels/ criminals and those in espionage work-now a days called terrorists, debts, floods and places subject it to floods, marketing research and also stock market research and also stock market research, insurance, taxation, tax collectors, computer programmers, mortgages, stagnant ponds, reptiles and places where reptiles are found. Industries organized crimes, all matters connected with dead i.e. cremation, death rate, cemeteries, funeral and grave yard etc. Rabirth gereration, secret and innermost emotions, air conditioning, refrigeration, sewage, demolition work, extra marital including prostitution, detective and private investigation agencies, companies connected with underground places, wine merchants, social workers, secret negotiations etc underground/ tunnels and now basements in the commercial buildings, haunted hoses or abandoned houses, companies manufacturing medicines for genital disorders, kidney trouble, venereal diseases etc.

SAGGITARIUS: Counselors for the present day Council of Ministers (the Cabinet), foreign policy of the country and foreign politics, the Minister of foreign affairs, all military matters and the companies catering to the needs of military men, inter-state and international trade, tariff or customs and imports, commercial broadcasting, travel agency, navigation, Airways, pilots of airways, adventurous professions, explorers. Also banks and bankers, writings on religions, law and science, all educational universities, colleges and schools, judges and judicial systems, codes of law, ethics or morality, Radio or televisions announcers hunting expedition, mountain tops. Companies manifesting blood. Liver and gallbladder, jaundice etc.

CAPRICORN: Government / Government officials, civic or state officials, administrative and managerial positions, government work, and Governors. Lands including neglected farms, mines and mineral products, politics and politicians, Civil services and civil engineers, Police stations and police men, business connected with stone manufacturing, air conditioning, architecture, bricks, builder, chambers of commerce, coal miners, gain dealers, dealers in hides, builders of large buildings, rail-road men cement workers, building construction workers, underground placed, underground professions, places overgrown with bushes, leather garments, slums, jungles and vacant places, real estate business, organizers and organizing ability. Companies manufacturing medicines for diseases of bore, emotional depression, leprosy, rheumatism, skin diseases, burns, arthritis etc.

AQUARIUS: Rebels and revolutionists including riots, socialist political movements, Parliament, State Legislature, Legislative assemblies, Elections, Science in general, aeronautics, inventions, psychology and new teachings, oil and oil wells, automobile and aero plane, mechanics, Radio and television announcers, aero plane mechanics, companies manufacturing aero planes and their components, aluminum, uranium and radium, electricians and electrical engineers, co-operative societies, manufacturers of furniture, dealers in lead, telegraph/ telephone/ television and radio and companies producing them, ands including reclaimed for change from agricultural to residential, hilly land and also freshly ploughed fields, actresses and actors, clubs and motion pictures. Companies manufacturing medicines for blood disorders, nervous disorders, malaria etc.

PISCES: Criminal pursuit, secret enemies, detective agencies and espionage, fraud/ sheeting/ imprisonment, falsehood, fictitious names, alcoholics, drug addicts, suicide, poisons, insane asylums, boats, boats manufacturing and fishing boats and companies manufacturing these boats and companies manufacturing these boats, navy, naval affairs/ submarines and companies catering to these matters, charitable institutions and spiritualist, churches. All occupations connected with water, alcohol, distilling, fluids including the present day sales of water, petroleum industry, perfume industry, liquor and wine industry. Reformatories and relief societies, hospital for rehabilitation, orphanage work, zoo work, junk dealers, nuns, monks, tailors, places for retired persons, monks, tailors, places for retired persons, chemistry and chemical engineers, public speakers, companies manufacturing medicines for aliments of feet, heart diseases, drug addicts, poisoning, injuries during delivery, birth deformities etc.

Shanker Adawal
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