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Career Via Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Astrology embraces all facets of life including higher education leading to career. Profession and business of a native and the line one is to adopt is indicated broadly by the Birth Chart – Nakshtra under which one is born. Every rising sign and Nakshtra has its own characteristics and is important factors in themselves in determining the profession and business or service of the native. Exalted Sun in the Horoscope can make the native a VIP either in Government service or in own business – of courses depending on the position of other planets.

2)      While interpreting a birth Chart, First look at the Lagna and Lord of Lagna. Both these things and placement of the Lagna Lord would tell something about the native his characteristics and professional attitude. Then, have a look at the 10th Lord and 10th house. The position of 10th Lord – its placement in own sign, in exaltation signs its association, who is aspecting or who is having conjunction ultimately determine the career of the native. Lagna and Lagna Lord, 10th house and 10th Lord and position of planets in Navama do help in concluding about he nature of business one is to adopt. If this fall in moveable sings, the native is bound to have many changes in life professionally or some change is inevitable after every 7 years.

3)      The author has done well in tracing the origin of the divine-science – astrology to Vedas. Actually, astrology is the most ancient science and efforts by persons like Mr. V.Raghuraman would definitely help the Astrology to keep its head high even in the present times.

4)      The book id divided into six main chapters and important among them are chapters dealing with delineation of horoscope with regards to business and professional prospects and interpretation of charts. Chapters on linking Vedas to Astrology and transit of planets add to the over-all utility of the book.

5)      The author has done well in discussing results of Saturn when in association with other planets. Saturn is the planet of destiny and a friend for some and fee for others. Saturn is a Yuga-Karka planet for certain person but can create havoc for others. Thus the efforts made by the author are eye-opener specially in determining the nature of profession/business/career.

6)      To sum up the book would be useful specially for those Astrologers who want to known tips fro determining the line of career for their clients. The book adds to the literature specially only on career. Be that as it may, the utility of the book would have enhanced if the author has mentioned exact degrees of planets, with dates of birth with regard to horoscope discussed in the book. The author may do well by incorporating needed details about the horoscopes in the next edition of the book so that analysis of the horoscope becomes comprehensive in itself.

Shanker Adawal
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