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History of India and History to follow Astrologically

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Saturn- the planet of destiny, is also representative of masses-the public at large. Democracy, that is government of the people by the people and for the people, had been under pressure and various thoughts have been given by the intelligential whether this form of Government would continue.

Before coming to the Dasha under which India has traveled after independence, with Taurus Lagna, it would be desirable to mention more about the planet of masses-Saturn. The aggrieved and down-trodden people come under the influence of Saturn though this Saturn is beneficial for some and bad for others. Saturn is natural malefic and is dreaded by the people-people in general are afraid to hear the name 'SANI'. It is not necessary that Saturn is a Yog karka Planet. It can make a person a head of the organization, community or county and in some cases it may make a person fall from the position. Cases of senior politicians and others holding high position of Ministers etc, and falling down are well known. Some of the cases are attributable to Saturn though other planets may have an equal role for the down-fall including the Dasha of the ruling planets.

Saturn is a beneficial and other social workers i.e. persons who work for masses and their welfare. Saturn is also helpful for those who believe in justice to mankind. Saturn dislikes hypocracy and dishonesty though theft and thieves also come under the umbrella of Saturn.

In individual's horoscope, it has been that 1st house of 10th house Saturn gives success and prosperity to the native late in life and that too after hard-work is another name for Saturn is a Yoga Karka planet and owns 4th and 5th house gives results with regard to house/conveyance etc but slowly. Now in India's horoscope (Chart for Independence say- Taurus Lagna), Saturn had played a vital role in the establishment of democracy and even with various odds, India has cerebrated 50th Independence Anniversary (August, 1997). Saturn has also largely contributed for the economic development though with failures in certain public projects. Making a news roads, new railway lines and bridges etc. for the common man are well known.

Inida was born with Saturn's Dasha of 15 years 11 months and some days. This major period of Saturn ended on 15th July, 1963. Mercury Maha-dasha ruled the country upto 15th July 1980 and Maha dasha of Ketu remained in operation upto 15th July 1987.

Concentration of 5 planets in 3rd house of India's chart in Cancer ruled by the Moon is well known and is indicated in the given horoscope. All there planets conjoined together have different nature and characteristics. This speak of many things including absence of creativity and confused thinking.

Neptune in Virgo (5 house) aspected by Mars from Gemini (2nd house) and also by Saturn from Cancer (3rd house) has been responsible for hypocritical behavior of political leader and others VIPs having a say in politics. Actually, all this resulted in deviation from the need development of the Nation in other words attention of the common man had been diverted by the leaders form time to time by raising hue and cry in the name 'Secularim'. Thus the basic problem remained without much progress.

Inter-criticism of parties and within the party members is also indicated by India's chart. Ketu, another Mars is in the 7th house (Scorpio-Sign of Mars). Double-Mars, Ketu-Mars influence (Nexus) normally devote strong force of disintegration. 7th house is also opposition but in India every body has become enemy of the other causing unwanted friction on small and petty matters just to keep up the ego of some leaders.

Sever had been the Saturn- representative of Democracy. Saturn become strong in Navamasa (Saturn in Lagna in own sing Capricorn). Saturn as indicated above, is Yoga-Karka Planet for Taurus Lagna.

Saturn is period practically proved good for the county under the Congress and ruled by the ablest Prime Minister Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Now, Venus Maha-Dasha woul be in operation upto 15th July, 2007. Venus is the Lagna Lord and is also lord of 6th house. The Venus period upto 15.11.1990 say the fall of Congress and formation of Government (rather a weak Government) by Shri V.P.Sing. Adyodhy, Tamil ethnic and Kashmir issues continues to be confusing.

Period Venus-Sun (15.11.1991) saw the violent death of Shri Rajiv Gandhi and formation of Government by Congress which some- how managed the show till early 1996.

Venus-Rahu from 15.09.1994 and uncertainty to the stability of government increased giving constant signal for the fall Government. Venus in Ashlesha Nakstra ruled by Mercury lord of 2nd and 5th gave confused thinking and policies with regards to finance and social reforms. Rahu was capable of creating such thinking.

Now from 15.09.1997 to 15.02.2000 (Venus-Jupiter) the period would eventful:

1)      The political situation will be at lowest ebb in India in 1998 and advantage may be taken by enemies on account (of inter-differences of opinion amongst leaders. Recent division of Janta DAL may pave way for victory of BJP and Congress.
2)      Transit of Mars-Saturn-Rahu will crate tensions, earthquakes, cyclones apart from war-like situation among the political parties.
3)      Rahu is a separative planet and supported by Saturn, seeds of disintegration sown early by anti-Indian person/nations may give rise to demand for separate States in the East and South.
4)      Taking a cue from the point at (iii) above, the government, under the plea of secularism may appease minorities and may create a situation as of partition in 1947 though some elder will save the position from being worsened.
5)      Mars entry in Libra in Jan, 1999 may not make 1999 as a good year. Combing with other planetary position, upto October, 1999, the following are indicated:
a)      Party leader at the Centre may be opposed and may be involved in some scams/scandals and may also be labeled as traitors.
b)      Dispute with China may be in news China again insisting on some boarder disputes. Indian political leaders to be careful while taking or negotiating with China on border-ad-justment Issue. Chances of China launching a missile attack on (India or the like cannot be rules out.
6)      Saturn-Mars direct opposition (July-August, 1999) may force Pakistan to attack India or have substantial differences. Hence the need to be careful. Use of some type of weapons in North-West by Pakistan is also indicated.
7)      Cabinet changes even the collapse of the Government id indicated but USA may come to India's help. The eastern States may demand independence and sub-service activities of Pakistan and China may come to light. Even some of the officials of the respective embassies/High Commissions may be in difficulties. Mars will be in Capricorn till Dec. 1999 and thus Indian conditions may not improve though India public may untie to fight a war-like conditions.
8)      Saturn enters Taurus- india's Lagna on 26.05.2000 and Venus-Jupiter will come to an end on 15.05.2000. With Saturn's Antra in Venus Dasa, democracy will be re-established. With the change many political leaders may face serious charges. Even declaration of Emergency cannot be ruled out to pave way for the establishment of the Government-DEMOCRACY-Government for the people, of the people and by the people in the real sense. For this reestablishment, credit, among others may go to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpaee whose planetary position had been discussed separately provided GOD wills so.

Shanker Adawal

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