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How to make accurate predictions

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Do the Planets and stars have any influence on the lives of men? Though the scientists pooh pooh it, the actual observations testify that Astrology (Science of Stars) is a science. Before going deep into the subject, let us try to understand as to hoe celestial bodies could affect the lives of the people. The celestial bodies could have direct contact with the bodies of the people in three ways- they being heat, light and gravitation. Though it is not clear as to how gravitation affects both body and mind, there is enough evidence to believe that it plays significant role in shaping the bodies of the beings. As the effect of light and heat on men, animals and planets is clearly known let us confine our discussion to this aspect only.

We get light from Stars, the Sun and the Moon and both light and heat from the Sun. because of the eccentric orbit of the Earth around the Sun season take place. The heat received from the Sun varies from season to season and they is why we get different fruits and vegetables in different season. In fact the heat received from the Sun varies every date and for that matter ever second. Though this slight change is not conspicuous in Plants its effects could be found in human begins. Similarly light is having a direct effect on human beings and plants. Certain colors are pleasant to the eye while some others strain. For instance blue and green are very pleasing and give happiness.  Red color strains. For instance blue and green are very pleasing and give happiness. Red color strains the eye and causes fear to. Both pleasure and fear are related to mind. If the heat is very high as in peak of the summer we get irritated besides getting fatigue. Irritation and impatience are mind related phenomena.

Light is having direct effect on certain chemicals. For example Silver Nitrate and Silver Bromide get charred by exposure to light. This quality is taken advantage of in photography and that is how photos are taken. Ultra Violet light if applied in fixed doses could cure several skin diseases and disorders. Besides this, in Chemotherapy several color of light are used to cure several ailments.

Hemoglobin is the important component of the blood, and in turn iron is the main component of the blood. Solar Radiation which has full of Electro-magnetic waves influences the blood with its attraction for iron. In turn the whole body also gets affected. The property of Magnets to attract iron is taken advantage in Magneto Therapy.

It is a known fact that lunar light (Moon light) is responsible for several types of mental debility-hence the word 'Lunacy' (pertaining to Moon) Menstrual cycle of ladies also is controlled by the period of lunar month (about 27 days). Changes do occur in animal behavior with the phases of the Moon. All theses facts cleanly show that light and heat do have a direct bearing on the lives of the people. Astrology is the science which deals with the influence of celestial bodies on the lives of people. Let us try to understand as to how this occult science works.

The man does not become a full entity buy having life alone. When the living body has a soul then only it becomes a full entity. The visible signs of life are heart beat, respiration and response to five senses. During sleep the five senses temporarily withdraw but the heart beats and reparation are conspicuous showing that the person is alive. During the Samadhi state all the senses completely withdraw and even heart beat and respiration are completely stopped, which in medical terms is called Clinical Death. In normal course a dead body gets putrefaction after a few hours and Rigormotis takes place. But, for Yogi in Samadhi state even though all the senses, respiration and even heart beat completely stop amounting to clinical death, still the body does not get purification. He comes back to consciousness and becomes normal as per his preset wish. This is because of the existence of the Soul. This clearly shows that life is different from soul and when both of them exist in the body then only the man becomes a full entity. (In this connection it is to be noted that the fetus though has life and carries life functions, it could not be regarded as full entity as it has no soul). When the existence of soul is thus established let us try to understand as to how Astrology plays its part.

As per Hindu wisdom, the fetus is not a full entity as explained above. At the time of birth when head comes out the air passes through its nostrils with force resulting in the first cry of the baby. Hindus believe that the Soul enters the body of the new born with the first breath making the new born a full entity. The effect of the celestial bodies through their heat, light etc. As at the time of the first breath is cast in the genes of the new born. This is like the blue print of the programmed pre-set in a computer according to which the course of life of the new born takes place. By calculating the effect of the Celestial bodies as at the time of birth, the Astrologer is able to cast the horoscope and make his predictions or read his past and present. But as it is impossible to make cent per cent correct predictions, then how to ensure accuracy? Here comes the role of Palmistry. The lines in the palm are the coded blue print of the life of the new born. An experienced and scholarly Palmist could decode it and give predictions more accurately. If the scholar is an export both in astrology and Palmistry he could corroborate both the findings and thus make most accurate predictions.
Shanker Adawal

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