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General Effects of Dashs Lord

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Different versions have been given in different classics about the effects in general of Dasha Lord i.e. the planet whose 'dasha'- period is running. This would of course include Antra-Dasha-Pratantra Dasha and Sukshma. Be that as it may, the results would largely depend on the placement of the planets, the debilitated or exalted position of the planets, the debilitated or exalted position, benefits and other factors. Here we give the following general results of the planets concerned in brief.

Planet the Dasha Lord           Results
The Sun                                                Renown success, roaming through mountains, acquisition of wealth though cruel deeds, devotion to duty-happiness, journeys and quarrels.
The Moon                                            Success in all ventures, peace of mind, acquisition of wealth goods food, gains of wife, sons, clothes, ornaments – and also agricultural land. Devotion to Brahmins. Medium benefits during the 1st to 10th Tithi of Shukla Raksha. Full benefits from 11th of Shuklapaksha to 5th of Krishna Paksha and little benefits from 6th of Krishna Paksha to Amacasya as the Moon begins to wane.
Mars                                                    Wealth through fire fighting equipments, gains via falsehood, cheating and cruel actions, suffering from bilious complaints, fever etc. association with low class women and quarrelling with them, enjoyment of fortune of others.
Mercury                                               Happiness, meeting with friends (not when the Mercury if combust/debilitated), recognition from learned person, happiness of wife, children, friends and relations, eloquence in speech and acquisition of fame.
Jupiter                                                  Fulfillment of one's ambitions, involvement in religious places and also visits to such places, honor from the Government Praise from VIP's acquisition of conveyance of high order, birth of children and also happiness from children.
Venus                                                   Acquisition of good vehicles cows, precious metals, Materials for sport and happiness, acquisition of costly and sophisticated goods, enjoyment in association with young woman, journeys by sea or river and also by air, celebration of auspicious function including marriage etc.
Saturn                                                  Suffering from gout, rheumatism or similar diseases including fracture on any portion of the feet, evil talk, loss in agricultural operations, sex with wicked and low women, desertion of servants, separation from wealth and family.
Rahu                                                    Danger from Government, thief, poison, and fire weapons. Distress to children. Mental tension. Loss of close relations or not keeping good terms with relations. (inter-se relations visiting shall cease). Loss of reputation including a scandal. Failures and losses in all ventures (all depending on the position of Rahu).
Ketu                                                     Ketu is another Mars and given the results of Mars and in addition may take the native towards spiritualism.

Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets. They are said to give effects according to the houses they occupy according to the planets they are associated with according to Laghu Prasari.

Shanker Adawal

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