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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

While practicing and researching astrology we come across many type of experiences which are typical by nature. Here we will try to discuss some of those typical aspects regarding the health and disease of a person.

The twelve bhavas indicate twelve aspects of life. Whole of our body is also divided into 12 parts- each of which is under the portfolio of each of which is under the portfolio of each bhavas. In this way the 1st house indicated general health, personality appearance etc. along with the head specially.

The 2nd house indicated the throat and the adjacent area. The 3rd house indicates the shoulders. The chest is under the 4th house. The 5th indicates upper portion and the 6th lower part of abdomen. The 7th house is responsible of sex organs, whereas 8th indicates the hip portion, 9th correspondence to the upper part of the legs, 10th the 11th lower part of the legs and 12th indicated the food portion of both the legs.

On the whole the nature of illness or the loss of health is indicated by the 6th house, while for the general health of a person we should concentrate upon the Lagna Bhava and Lagna Lords. We can't expect good health if either of them is weak or influenced by malefic. Leo ascendant with 8th Lord Jupiter in it makes the native prone to migraine or sinus troubles. Mars in the ascendant, which should be other than Aries, Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn, renders in the native head injury, the degree of injury increase or decrease with the influence of malefic or decreases with influence of malefic or benefic aspected respectively on the ascendant. The native become physically strong, energetic and his resistance against diseases becomes very high, whenever the Lagna as well as the lord be well placed, well associated, and strong.

The 8th lord in the 6th house renders bad results as far as health is concerned i.e. Aquarius Lagna and  Sun with Mercury in Cancer,' the native has the "Buddhaditya Yoga" in the 6th in spite of the yoga the native does not possess good health. She has faced bad diseases and has gone through operation more than once in her forty years of age.

The illness in regard to upper portion of the abdomen of a native causes whenever malefics influence the 5th house. Rahu or Ketu in the 5th indicates gastric troubles on the native when studying the Palm; the blackish finger the palm or the broker liver troubles.

Mercury being the 6th or 8th lord if associated with the 5th lord or the house. The native suffers servers' headache. The 5th Lord along with Mercury if associated with Saturn the native may suffer form brain Cancer. Example Aries Lagna with Moon in the cancer and Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter in Pieces. Here the 5th lord Sun is deposited along with the 6th lord Mercury and Saturn is associated with Jupiter in own house could not even help the situation.

Mercury in any house deposited in Moon star, the native generally suffers from Jaundice, in this respect I can site many examples such as Lagna in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus in Rahoni at a time the native suffered from Jaundice for not less than two years.

Venus is the Lagna Lord as well as the 6th Lord of Taurus Lagna ; in this case if Venus is deposited in the 12th in own star Bharani or in the 8th in own star Purvasadha makes one prone to sex oriented disease. Here the 6th lord Venus comes in the 8th which venders. Rogakarakatya, moreover the star lord is Venus so the chance of if sex oriented diseases is more.

Saturn if deposited in the Lagna with the same charana (Pada) of same Nakshatra renders the native a death after being bedridden for long time, example Cancer Lagna at 27.39 and Saturn in Cancer in 28 the Lagna as well as the Saturn are in the forth Charana (Pada) of Asiesha. The native suffered from paralysis for eleven long years before her death.

The 6th lord along with another malefic in the Lagna without the deposition or aspect of Lagna Lord, renders typical diseases in typical Organs. If the 6th Lord be Sun the diseases on the head, if it is Moon the diseases will be in the lips, in this way Mars renders in the throat and Mercury in the abdomen, if the aforesaid malefic in the abdomen, if the aforesaid malefic with the 6th lord be Rahu or Ketu the diseases will be in the liver.

Mars or Mercury being the Lagna Lord if become associated with Moon, Rahu or Saturn the native suffers from skin diseases.

In case of the female horoscope and female diseases we must calculate the strength of the 5th & 7th houses. Mars or debilitated Venus in the 5th or 7th renders Gynecological problem. The native gives birth to a child through operation, whenever the 5th house is aspected or associated by Mars, debilitated Rahu, aspected by Mars in the 5th renders childlessness to a female native.

In this way we see that the combination of different planets in different house renders different types of diseases. We will be able to help people more and more by studying and researching on this subject

Shanker Adawal

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