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Earthquakes Astrological Principles

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

  1. At the outset it is admitted that we have very less material and research-oriented works in this branch of Mundane Astrology which embraces all national and international affairs. Inspire of the vast infrastructures with scientists and meteorologists they have failed to warm about the coming earthquakes, famines, floods, widespread epidemics etc.

  1. As for rains, we have also some principles for 'earthquakes' to happen, when and why they happen and the place at which they happen. It is known that in view of the different latitude and longitude, countries and cities are ruled by different Zodiacal signs. Without discussing the exact role of planets/ Nakshtras, standard time, Ayanamsa, it would suffice to refer to the following basic principles – there can be little difference of opinion between Indian Astrologers and Western astrologers:
1)      Earthquakes generally follow the eclipses they happen near about the time of eclipse. The country/place in which the eclipse occurs may not be free from danger.
2)      At the time of earth-quakes, adverse connections between Mars and Saturn (conjunction, opposition, aspect etc.) have been noted.
3)      Earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricom) (some refer to fixed signs i.e. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and the planets therein also matter with regard to occurrence of earth-quakes. Saturn in a fixed sign at the distance of 45 degrees from merdian, it is stated that the earthquake will occur in that part of the world which is at the same distance from Green which, east or west-depending on the position of Saturn.
4)      The timing of occurrence of earthquakes has been noticed between mid-day and sunset or between midnight and sunrise.
5)      A major planet has been noted to be 'Retrograde' at the time of earthquake.
6)      The Ruling Nakshtra has been found to belzing to earth or air.
7)      Moon and Mercury must conjunct and come in the same Nakshtra.
8)      Earth-quakes generally happen when there are many planets in or near the movable (Cardinal signs) i.e. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricon.
9)      Frequent happening of earthquakes is indicated when the planets like Uranus, Saturn, Mars, or Jupiter occupy Taurus and Scorpio.
10)  In Brihat Samhita, reference has been made to bad omens for causing earthquakes. Other principle is that the Moon be stretched like the yoke of a carriage from the south to the north, there would be earthquakes. Letter at page 46, the commentator has stated that there is a popular belief that an eclipse is heralded by some usual occurrences such as earthquake and terrific thunder. In another place (page 67), it is stated that if after the termination of an elipse there may be an earthquake, there would be death of a leading king. All

  1. Varahmihira in his Brihat Samhita has mentioned that the earthquakes are caused by the violent coalition of winds and their striking the earth in consequence. Some J.C.Luthra ans Shri R. Santhanam) apart from Ms. Gayatru Vasudev had done some research work in this direction. Without dwelling in details, I refer to the important points after erecting a Chart fro Sun's entry into Aries (First point) :

1)      For an earthquake to happen in the year, severe affliction of 8th house or its lord must be indicated (8th house denotes mass deaths and mass tragedies which do happen in earthquakes also).
2)      Eclipses falling at quadrants to Jupiter, Saturn or Mars also produce earthquakes. The area of the occurrence is generally indicated by the zodiacal sign in which the above combination occur.

  1. Now we refer to the following two recoded earthquakes and the planetary position : Massive earth quake occurred in Bihar on 15th Jan, 1934. it was a New Moon day and seventh planets were in Capricorn (Movable/Airy sign). The Sun, The Moon and Mars were in exact conjunction in Uttarashada ruled by the Sun, lord of 8th from the Moon.
The earthquake occurred in airy sign. Five planets in 2nd house (moveable sign). New Moon was 26th July, 1976. The Moon and Mercury have a significant role to play in causing earthquakes. Except Jupiter and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) all planets were clustered within an arc of 38 degrees.

  1. Which planets and Nakshtra are actually responsible for causing earthquakes is still b\to be seen. We do not know whether earthquakes are caused by the gravitational force of the Sun or the Moon but in view of the little study and experience it is certain that grouping of planets in certain signs/Nakshtra prove forceful for such a disaster. But, sometimes nothing happens apart from configuration of seven-eight planets in one sign. It may be recalled that there was such configuration of 8 planets in the movable sign Capricorn on 4th Feb 1962. See the following planetary position.

                                          Planet               Sign                  Degree             Minute
It is stated                           Sun                  09                    25                    24
That various                        Moon               09                    22                    17
Japas of                              Mars                09                    08                    15
Mantras, worshipping         Mercury           09                    24                    47
Of all deities,                      Jupiter              09                    25                    32
Yagyas etc.                        Venus               09                    25                    42
Were performed                 Saturn              09                    10                    30
Fortunately nothing             Rahu                03                    24                    36
Untoward happened
Though the planetary
Position was very bad         Ketu                 09                    24                    36

1)      It may not be possible to refer to various earth-quakes in India and in the World. The earthquake of Japan in 1923 was very devastating. In recent times, reference may be made to the following:-
2)      A mild tremor rocked Calcutta on 29th May, 1994as per News, item in the Press dated 30.05.1994. the planetary position indicated Venus in Aries (Mars Nakshtra), Sun Moon and Mercury (R) in Taurus with Moon-Sun conjunction during the day and combust Retrograde Mercury, Mars in Leo (Ketu Nakshtra), and Jupiter in Scorpio (Jupiter in Retrograde motion in 8th house from Aries) with Pluto, Saturn in its Sign Aquarius in last degree (29.45). Uranius and Neptue in 10th house (Capricorn) with Ketu in Aries and Rahu in Libra.
3)      Again, mild tremor rocked Calcutta on 05.05.1995 as News item in the Hindustan Times 07.05.1995. The earthquake took place in Taurus Lagna (earthy) with Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio and Sun in Aries. Saturn aspecting Jupiter (R).
4)      Quake claimed 147 lives in Algeria on 17.08.1994 as per News item in the Hindustan times dated 19.08.1994. Mars aspecting Uranus (R), the Moon and Neptune (R), Saturn (R), aspecting the Mercury and Sun, Saturn being Retrograde aspecting Jupiter in the 7th house with Rahu.
5)      Eariler quake had triggered landslide in Talwan as per News item in the Hindustan times dated 06.06.1994 (Sunday). Moon, Mars and Ketu were in Aries and Saturn aspecting all and Uranus in Capricorn and Neptue in Sagittarius in their retrograde motion.

Shanker Adawal

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