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Astro and Sun Signs Trend for May, 20, 2010 + Stocks + Birthday Forecast

MY GENERAL ASTRO TIP FOR MAY 20 2010: Be careful in negotiations and deals / paper r work of all kind – things may move at a speed but do not miss the devil lying in the details.
IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TAODAY: Be innovative but not undisciplined. Stylish in love, walk and avoid hectic schedules and firefighting is your competency. Communication, planning, raising your status and younger brothers – key concerns but avoid speed and do not be wavering – be firm and decisive. Silver a good color for you.
STOCKS: A deceptive day so be careful while trading / speculation. Do not get lead by sentiments. Energy / metal / health space shares – a good day – these are astro trends only.
ARIES: Energy will brim – you would like to make changes – good for dealing with authority / father. Good for politicians and like. Tendency to get over emotive issues.
TAURUS: Plan today to deal with bosses / like – a productive day. Family will be supportive and do not be insecure due to family issues – they are temporary. A day for those in unconventional love – you could plan your future.
GEMINI: Communications /planning – with some pins – pricks – a good day. Good for those who are not getting diagnosed if having a health issue. Will be in a mood to make love and luck with you.
CANCER: Do not do too many changes in your plan/talks – will upset things. Fear will creep in but be calm as plans may not move as your desire. Talk and make love will be the mood today. The day will end well.
LEO: Not a day to mess up with authority/ govt/ bosses – may be counter productive. Some disillusionment in your plans / finance/partner – do exercise free will in dealing. Unconventional love will be your mood today.
VIRGO: If dealing with paper / property – take precautions before closing the deal. The day has fortune with you .Time with family or visit to a spiritual place will do well. Those with nervous system issues – please take care – get your blood examination done.
LIBRA: A day to plan your finances/partnership/family isuues but keep things to yourself – try to avoid any confrontation with your boss / govt issues – in relationship you should not get over emotional or very moralistic today.
SCORPIO: You may plan for yourself / joint property issues / family – need to take care – do not plan big & risk to be avoided. Sudden health issues not to be neglected. Physicality in love could be soothing / dominating.
SAGITTARIUS: Luck may dodge you today – will feel it is there – do not fear or get aggressive. Those having brain related issues to be careful for today. In relationships you will need the touch.
CAPRICORN: To be cautious in the job / work space and also with land issues. Those with chronic bone and allied issues to be cautious today. A day where arguments with loved ones will not help.
AQUARIUS: An excellent day for getting a job or tackling issues in that space. Those having health issues will make progress. A day to resolve issues with regard to relationship and take love to practical levels.
PISCES: You can deal with family / finance / book gains – will do well but count the numbers / think of your plans and do not rush. Those having tendency of cold and allied issues to be careful today. A day to be on the fast track with your loved ones – talk your way as they say.
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Bless Me,
Shanker Adawal
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