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Astro Trends for May 19th, 2010 + Today's Birthday Forecast + Stock Trends & Sun Sign's prediction for Today

Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA Doctorate in Agriculture and MBA

MY GENERAL ASTRO TIP FOR MAY 19 2010: A good day for mamngement folks to restructure debts, deal international relations but avoid speed.

IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TAODAY: Be persuasive but avoid manipulation. In love examine your motives, you are accident prone and want to speak for peers. Change – motion will be the key factor this year – be it love of job. Orange color will do well.

STOCKS: Be careful today. Offer no tip but while dealing with finance/retails – like space stocks – exercise caution.

ARIES: You will feel let down – more at the mental level. Will communicate aggressively and best is to take it easy – in job/love/other issues.

TAURUS: Some frustration with your plans – those in the art/entertainment/ in the job of products that are molded to beautify – some uncertainty – deal with it. With father/authority – deal with care. In love the mood will be to make it happen – do not throw caution to wind.

GEMINI: Good day for doing paper work for flatted property / communication/planning. In relationships you can firm it up for the future.

CANCER: A day when you should be careful with papers/talks – way the pros and cons. Good to deal with authority. In love – communicate and sort your differences. Do not get deceived or make plans to deceive – speak less.

LEO: You will by your persona be able to strategize and accomplish – in partnership/finance /job space. A good day for a quiet dinner / evening.

VIRGO: If dealing with property be careful. Paper work and talking to be done with caution. After taking action do not fear – especially in financial matters. Physical proximity with loved ones will be satisfying.

LIBRA: In issues of self/joint finance - you will decide – be firm and it will pay off. Do not change stand frequently – stop the mind clutter. A day to be with family. Elders will do well if unwell.

SCORPIO: In dealing with family/finance/job – do not adopt secretive postures as in the long run may not pay. A day when you can make your first moves in proposing – use tact.

SAGITTARIUS: A very good day for luck – practically in all aspects – deal straight and stand clear. A good day for those in politics/welfare – allied. In relationship – take an answer if you are sitting on the fence. Be humble in dealings today.

CAPRICORN: In issues of loans / debts / job – gain – a day to move with speed but with strategy – will pay. In relationships be careful of not taking it to a non practical level. Good for those unwell and seekers of spirituality.

AQUARIUS: A day when you will can meet fortune where you have been struggling – especially in the job space/health – if unwell. A day to concretely plan your life if in a relationship.

PISCES: Fear and problems can come with family issues – financial matters – children - need to be careful while dealing today – postpone if you can. Do not do anything if unclear. 

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