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Astro Trend for 21.5.2010 + Stock Trend + Birthday Forecast + Sun Sings trend for today

MY GENERAL ASTRO TIP FOR MAY 21 2010: Precaution in dealing with authority. A day for back room activities and planning.

IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TODAY: Be bold but not egoistic. Never be so busy that you cannot make love. Investigate and invent. Purple a good color. Key will be to balance family – finance – children and education. Invest time with wife/faire sex.

STOCKS: Good for electronics/entertainment + energy / metal stocks- produce under the earth. Overall secret actions may pull up things but read the bigger picture carefully.


ARIES: Self energy dominant – try to gain authority – be careful to be focused and avoid haste to achieve. Those with blood problems to change medicines after careful consideration/consultation. In matters of love the ego will dominate and do not argue for today.

TAURUS: Communications – issues of loans – plans – a good day – make use of it. Nervous system diseases – get a check up done. Do not get put off if you have not done as well you expected. In love / partner – talk and do it with gusto – will help sort if issues there.

GEMINI: Focus on family issues – you will be able to resolve them – be it children/finance or whatever. Do not argue or use negative intellect to resolve – will be counter productive. A day with family – humor talks – will soothe you.

CANCER: Change / motion will be key – this will be in respect to wife/love/partners/financial issues – issues will be future , some misunderstanding , wrong words – best will be clarify and talk rather than assuming. In love you need the emotional strokes.

LEO: Ego – to do will be dominant – you will today be fearful / unsure/ things may not happen your way – this would be with respect to family/finance / love/ partner and emotions. Try to be calm and do not argue. Unconventional love you could seek – will be soothing to you.

VIRGO: Issues of planning/PR – PAPER – NEGOTIATIONS – you want to move fast – do but let not ego be the driving factor. Take care of property matters. In love – go shopping / drive / move – will help.

LIBRA: A day to a matured resolution with matters of relationship/marriage./ partnership – plan to reach a conclusion. A good day to propose to your loved ones.

SCORPIO: Being cagey for whatever reason with family and friend will not pay. Plan finance for family / self and deals but with transparency and clarity. Do tell in red that you love a person – will pay to start / clear. Diabetic's patients to do a routine check today.

SAGITTARIUS: You in matters of marriage – wife / business deals / property will be driven by numbers / papers only – calculations always do not work – try to use your intuition also. A good day for those in love/ engaged.

CAPRICORN: In love, finance and issues with wife – a good day to deal with – you will be able to tackle things with a long term perspective. Those with chronic problems need to take care and a good day for diagnosis. Make loves – that will sooth you.

AQUARIUS: Your mind will be cluttered – things will not move as desired by you – some element of fear – do not think too much – for ladies – especially those on the other side of 45 – take care of your health today and avoid depressive thoughts.

PISCES: In job/plans / your negotiations in family/job- allied – talks – changeable attitude may upset things – avoid it – be decisive. Be careful of deception in areas of dealing. With the opposite sex you can talk your way out

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