For the Students of Hindu Vedic Astrology by Dr. A. Shanker

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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
To start with, I humbly like to mention the wise observation of Laplace in regards to Cosmic Divination only to impress the readers how astrology should be looked into. “We are so far from knowing all the powers of nature, and their various method of action: that it would be poor philosophy to deny the existence of phenomena solely because they cannot be explained in the present state of our knowledge. Only we must examine them with an attention, the more Scrupulous, as it seems the more difficult to accept them and it is here that the analysis of probabilities becomes indispensable to enable us to determine the extent to which we must multiply observations or experiments, so as to obtain by means of the powers which they seem to indicate a probability superior to the reasons which we may have for rejecting their existence”. The usual charge against Astrology is that it is based on mere observation and collection of instances and not only any theory on hypotheses. But it us often forgotten that collection of Scientific data and deductive reasoning play a most vital part in predictions, assessment or the grade of a horoscope. Uniform test is necessary to the confusing dates of diversity by deductive process. By the planetary configurations at birth one can understand the connection between the starts, planets and himself, his past, present and future; his possibilities, limitation characteristics profession, his partners in life and business, nature of illness, mental strength etc. we may know what we are, but not what we can be. Astrology helps us in assessing out potentiality and can give guidance to make out life happy. The proper use of this knowledge will enhance respect for this as a Science, a useful aid to men, to rehabilitee its status as a useful adjunct to man’s culture. It is quite impossible to discuss all the aspects of Astrology which is very vast. To make the articles interesting I have only discussed the role of constellation when positioned with a planet, how it reacts on our mind, health and other aspects of life. The Zodiac is divided into twelve posts; each division is called a Rasi or Sign. They are Arise, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Again the Zodiac is divided into twenty seven equal parts each measuring 13°.20’ (thirteen degrees and twenty minutes). They commence from Aries 0° and end at Pisces 30°. The 27 division are called Lunar mansions (asterisms-Constellations or Nakshatras). The first asterism is Aswini and the last 27th Asterism is Revati. As the 1st constellation is Aswini, therefore discussion of the role of constellation when positioned with a planet is started with Aswini. Aswini: The first asterism begins 0 degree Aries to 13°20’ Aries. The Sign Aries is ruled by Mars and the Constellation is ruled by Ketu. Aswini dominated over head, nose cerebral hemisphere, exhalation, inhalation, utterance and passage of nose. When Sun is positioned in the ascendant in this star the person concerned may have Grey and rudy complexion, given good personality, responsible position with authority with strong character, may suffer from nasal catarrh and hemorrhages. Moon in Aswini makes one sharp and active. One can command over others. Good organizing ability and flexible mind. A good dreamer, always tends to keep lofty ideas, has liking for long voyages. Mars here gives ruddy complexion, brown hair and eyes. A proud, ambitious person. He/she can move in high circles and also is respected by them. Likely to be a dominating and also is respected by them. Likely to be a dominating executive, has courage to face any difficult situation. Proficiency in mathematics. Success comes easily if employed in engineering branch of the Defense/Police department. Mercury in this star make on author, financial executive, accounts oriented service. Have liking for business and can gain if connected with business, can get good dividend through share-market. Punctual and dutiful in appointments. Jupiter in the star endows one with generous mind, intelligent, good organizer and, makes one good writer and translator. Deep interest and knowledge about ancient Sastras, Likings for philosophy and is keenly interested in comparative religion. Saturn in Aswini is not good for mental power. Hesitant in speech. Cannot convince others with his conversation. A low abiding citizen. Good for subordinate position. Likings for history. May write books after middle age. Not favorable for progeny. Uranus in this star makes one active, but not steady. Always changes plan and programmer. A bit whimsical Command over comparative religion, a scholar and philosopher. May suffer from mental disease. Neptune in Aswini makes one grave and serious. Very neat in personal habits and dress and fond of traveling. Good looking and likely to be fair complexioned. Send your feedback at

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