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Predictive Astrology: The Future of My Son

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

This is the horoscope given by the mother of the child for delineation:
DOB- 11.05.1993, TOB – 4.35 PM, Lat- 28.39 (N), Long- 77.13 (E)

The following analysis of the horoscope of the horoscope would be educative and helpful. Still for the growth of the Divine Science, Astrologers and Lovers of Astrology may mail their views on this horoscope.

The native was born when Virgo (26-11) was rising and (Moon in the and Ketu in 9th). Rahu is in 3rd house (Scorpio-owned by Mars owing 3rd and 8th houses). The Moon in 5th house (Capricorn) improves in Chalit by coming to 4th house (Sagittarius). Saturn owing 5th and 6th house aspected by Mars debilitated). The exalted Venus is in 7th house aspected by benefic Jupiter from Lagna and Venus is aspected by Rahu and in Chalit by Saturn also. The Sun is in exaltation sign but degree-wise it gets to Kritika (own Nakshtra of the Sun) with Mercury making Budh-Aditya Yoga but in 8th house aspected Saturn continues to aspect this yoga though there is improvement Chandra Kundli. Mars in Cancer (11th house) is aspecting 2nd house, 5th and 6th house.

In Navamsa chart, the Lagna Lord gets to 5th house but with Rahu and Ketu (eclipsed may affect education and income. The 2nd lord and 11th lord Mercury gets to 3rd house with Mars aspected by Ketu. 3rd and 10th Lord Venus is in the 7th house but with Saturn though 3rd house has Mercurry and Mars. And 4th house is hemmed by malefic i.e. Mars, Combust Mercury, the Sun and Rahu. The Moon is left alone in Navamsa Chart and has no benefic aspect but has aspect of Ketu.

Before proceeding further, it is apt to mention that for the children, first four years go to Karma of mother, next four years are attributed to Karma of father and then four years get to Karma of the native. For the delineation of horoscope of children, first main problem to be seen are only for education, health and settlement in life.

The Lagna Lord Mercury also has connection with professional house (10th house) gets to inauspicious house (8th house) and is aspected by Saturn. In Chandra Kundli also

Lagna Lord Saturn is aspected by Mars and Lagna is also aspected by Mars directly. Even in Navamsa the Lagna Lord the Sun comes under the grip of Rahu and Ketu.

Accordingly, the native has to take care of health problems and till he gets to age of adulthood, parents must take care of health with medical advice.

Education may not suffer because of well placed Jupiter but follow the remedial measures indicated below.

When grown up, he is expected to show utmost sincerity in all works undertaken, would be a plain hearted and may not tolerate any wrong things in life. Important changes indicated at the age of 28 to 31 including marriage which may take place. All round success after 38 years.

Advised to take care of health in cold weather and preferably should stay away from cold region.

Likely to hold a high position in Jupiter-Saturn i.e. from 25.10.2035.

Profession wise apart from business may become interested in construction work as a contractor. May set up two or more industries in Saturn-Venus i.e. around 2041 (sept.) interest as an Architect is also indicated. And connected matters would be in geology/ mineralogy or metaphysics.

May visit holy places and may also settle in foreign country. Even if in Government service, would get quick promotion.

Gains for father indicated after his birth.

As already indicated, health problems have to be taken note of Laziness will have to be over-come failing which the native may develop the elements of cruelty, morally down and quarrelsome.

The native must be careful regarding fire and handing other weapons. Though would be voracious eater but eye-problem must attended to well in time.

Vimshotri Dasha and its result.

The native was born with balance of Sun’s dasha for 2years 9 months 13days. At present, he is under Moon’s dasha which will end on 23-2-2006. Special care of health is needed from 20.07.1997 to 24.01.1999 including health of mother. Parent to take care of conveyance and ornaments specially when traveling July 200 to December, 2001. Period of debilitated Mars upto 23-02-2013 may give mixed results for the native and his parents. Father should handle well all property transactions and other financial transitions. Reduce the anger and settle all matter amicably so the no opponents are created. During Rahu’s period especially upto 6.11.2000, the native has to be warned to be away from bad company and also from fire weapons. But at the same time, 3rd hose Rahu gives ruling powers, traveling abroad and honor etc. the ruling period of Jupiter will be good subject to the following remedial. Some illness during the period of Saturn can’t be ruled out.

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