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Predictions through Ashtag - Varga

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

I hardly need tell about the Ashtakavarga system of predications to the Astrologers. However it has noted and discussed that only few of the Astrologers are making use of Ashtaka-varga system for predictions. At the same time we have luminaries like Dr. B.V. Raman who had placed reliance on this system and had given good predications but at the same time it has been that the results do not come as are normally indicated by the Ashtaka-varga system. Accordingly, the combination of Vimshotra and Ashtaka-varga bears the fruit.
Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Taking a dip into various principle of Ashtakavarga it would suffice to say that the Sun with 8 Bindus is capable of giving high political power or political honor and universal respect but the Sun with 1-2 Bindus gives various types of diseases misunderstandings, troubles from the Government\Ruler. Loss of money etc. the question for consideration whether the Sun in its exaltation sign Aries with less Bindus would improve the position. Therefore, apart from Ashtakavarga results. Other facts have to be considered, similarly, the Moon with 8 Bindus give high moral courage and a happy and fortunate life. But the Moon with 1 Bindus gives fear from weapons and reptiles. The Mars with 0 Bindus gives epilepsy and fear of death whereas the Mars with 8 Bindus gives gain of land and wealth. Mercurry with 0-1 Bindus give loss, fear of death wealth the Mercurry with 8 Bindus give Grace of ruler (Government). Jupiter with 0 or 1 Bindus speak of loss of relatives and riches apart from ill-health and Jupiter with 8 Bindus can give great fame, happiness and riches. Venus with 0 or 1 Bindus in Ashtakavarga speak of danger and destruction apart from phlegmatic trouble and Venus with 8 Bindus can give all kinds of happiness and pleasure. Lastly, Saturn with 0 or 1 Bindus can give loss of wealth and destruction of all possessions but Saturn with 8 Bindus can give leadership of people (masses), even make the native a Minister of head of a city or town (Present day Governors also).

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