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Role of Lagna and Lagna Lord in Predictive Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The rising sign (Lagna or Ascendant) has a lot to tell about the native and there are astrologers who base their predictions just on the Lagna and Lagna Lord. To start with degree of Lagna can’t be ignored. Normally, the Lagna if rising at a feeble degree i.e. below 3 degrees and 20 minutes or after 26 degrees and forty minutes and below 3000 degrees is normally considered weak and the Lagna (body i.e. self) of the native normally suffers mentally and physically. It has been seen that the weak Lagna people, unless there is force in Lagna Lord and other planets are either short-lived or suffer physical aliments practically ailments practically throughout their life. A recent study of the horoscope of a leading spiritual head of Jains (Acharya Maha-Pragna) revealed that the Scorpio Lagna was rising at just feeble degree of 0.13 degrees and even the Moon though in exalted sign Taurus was rising at just feeble degree of 0.48 degrees. But Jupiter in exaltation and h the Lagna from 9th house gave the requisite strength to the Lagna and the spiritual had already completed 74 years of his life though physical ailments had been there from time to time. In his case meditation was the saver and now he is Yogi-having power of healing by touch.

As is known to all and practically astrologer would have any objection to theory propounded by Sages that the first house (Ascendant- Lagna) become the starting point for giving predictions to the native or nations as the strength of the Ascendant would for a long way determining the predictions to be given. For full judgment of the horoscope it is also necessary to see the rising sign, its characteristics and nature, planets posted in Lagna, Planets aspecting Lagna. For a deeper study of the native, Nakshatra of the Ascendant (Lagna) and Lagna Lord, apart from other planets should also be considered.

Lagna (Ascendant) and the signification of Lagna play important role in making predictions. But, the settled principles of astrology can’t be ignored. Rather, the logic is the soul of Astrology- the divine Science. It had been noted that there had been difference of opinion with regard to significations of Lagna. A look at the nature of sign i.e. whether movable, fixed of dual, firry, watery, earthy or airy etc. would also help astrologer to make up his mind about the native. Special regard must be paid to the strength or weakness of each planet in the Lagna (also termed as Tanu Bhava). Different versions would come to mind if there is no planet in the Lagna. While interpreting significations of Lagna, proper understanding of various significations is inevitable.

Talking briefly about the significations of Lagna, it would suffice to say that the following are deduced from the Lagna:

- Ability of the people to rise to the occasion, Adventures of the Nation or of the people (community as a whole) vis-à-vis Adventures of the Ruler (Modern-day President, Prime Minister), Appearance of the native, beginning of the child hood, (In Mundane, benefices in the Lagna would speak of the general conditions of the country), all about caste, color and body/body comforts. Similarly, Lagna tell about the prevailing conditions at the time of birth, character of the native, constitution, longevity of the individual, dignity and power apart from diseases of the head and face.

- Face, Fame, Financial aspects (both from Lagna and Chandra Lagna), Form and shape, Freedom from ill- health, Hair and Happiness, Head and Home affairs, Health and Honors, Height.

- When Lagna would give lean or fat body, limbs, Livelihood, Mind, Peace and in Mundane, Political body, politics and political life.

- Self, Self-respect, Ruling powers, Start and struggle in life, temperament, Disposition and Vitality.

Now about the Lagna Lord. Depending on the Lagna and Lagna Lord according to Sarvarth Chintamani, the native would be well built if Lagna Lord is in wet sign associated with wet planets and the Lagna being a benefic sign. Much has been said about the Lagna Lord and its placement in various houses gives different results. If Lagna Lord is in Kendras, or Trikonas, or Sign of exaltation or own sign or occupies auspicious position the native would be happy and prosperous. On the other hand, the native is expected to lead a miserable life and may be force to live in an undesirable place if the Lagna Lord is in enemy’s sign, in his debilitation sign or in the sign of a malefic. The other concept of Lagna Lord is that if the Lagna Lord is devoid of strength, the native is expected to be constantly over-come with calamities, be unhappy, and lead a sickly life. For example, if the Sun is in debilitation move it would give different results. Normally, Lagna Lord is strong when it is in Kendra, in exaltation sign, friendly sign occupy good Vargas gets directional strength, is aspected by benefices, is aspected by benefices, is associated with benefices, is hemmed by benefices and also when Lagna Lord is in a friendly Nakshatra. Without multiplying further examples, normally Lagna Lord is considered bad if gets to Trik Houses i.e. 6th, 8th or 12th houses.
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