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PROPERTY : Purchase and sale of property (landed property)

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)


The native had posed the following two questions:
(i) Whether the proposed property transactions likely to be entered on 15th/16th September, 1994 would materialize, and
(ii) Whether the said transactions would prove beneficial. The questions were put on 6th Sep. 1994 at 12.06 P.M. at Delhi when the following planetary position was ruling:


Ascendant 07 07 53
Sun 04 19 29
Moon 04 26 25
Mars 02 19 19
Mercury 05 09 25
Jupiter 06 16 46
Venus 06 04 59
Saturn (R) 10 14 44
Rahu 06 24 10

The above hoarary chart shows that the Lagna Lord who also happens to be 6th lord goes to 8th house but in the sign of Mercurry being aspected by Mars. Mercurry is in the 11th house indicating that the gains are possible form property on account of the force provided by mars who improves its position in Navamsha chart i.e. it gets to the 7th house with Mercurry and Jupiter. The fourth house powerfully signifying acquisition of properties is occupied by Retrograde Saturn aspecting the 10th (business- intention to earn profit from properties) is also indicator of success in the transaction for property dealings. The sun dignified in the 10th house with Moon (Ithasal having been taken place little earlier) also indicates success in the venture as in one transaction the government agency is involved. The only caution is that the native may have to repeat his visits because of Retrograde Saturn or some person involved with the transaction may back out of the promise made, Mars in 8th house had improves its position in Navamsa

With reference to Dasha running with reference to the question chart, the native had balance of Venus Dasha for 4 month and 14 days. Venus-Ketu is upto 20.1.1995, Venus-Ketu-Saturn had ended on 14.9.1994 (The native was advised to see that if some formalities could be completed before this date) though the next period of Venus-Ketu-Mercurry upto 13.11.1994 was equally good.

From the question time, bright of success are indicated with regard to the above questions (astrologically only one question treated on account of inter-se connection). Fortunately, we have also the birth chart of the native which is as under:
Ascendant 09 09 28
Sun 04 21 16
Moon 10 02 11
Mars 04 25 28
Mercury (R) 04 26 09
Jupiter 05 12 50
Venus 05 28 41
Saturn 08 15 24
Rahu 06 20 14

The native is under Maha-dasha and Antra-dasha of Saturen i.e. Saturn-Saturn would end on 15.1.1997. In Pratantra Sat-Sat-Mercurry was upto 7.12.1994. It would be seen that the Saturn is well placed aspected by Mars indicial. Saturn also aspects the Lagna and Retrograde Mercurry also aspect the Lagna. But the only caustion from this chart is again as indicated above, that the native may have to undertake wasteful visits and some person may not fulfill his promise. Though the chances of success are bright, yet the native was advised to propitiate Saturn and Mars (recitation of Hanuman Chalisa) and also worship of Lord Shiva.

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