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Know Yourself from Your Own Thumb

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
To start with, it would suffice to say that your own hand is your horoscope indicating the 12 houses required for astrology and also the planets i.e. the Sun, the Moon, Mercurry, mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Without dwelling on this aspect, it is sufficient to say that the THUMB in your hand is the most important limb of your hand, rather is temperament, acquisition of wealth, poverty, and development of brain and practically all activities of life. From thumb, we determine the raj-yogas (kindly yogas) and Thumb becomes the indicator of intelligence, human sympathy, will power, logic (reasoning power) depending on the length of the thumb and its inclination apart from its origin from the palm. The violent nature, stubbornness and other qualities that the individual is straightforward or not and more qualities are indicated by the THUMB.

2. Some call thumb as master finger because without it, the fingers will not be in a position to grasp anything.

3. The thumb has two parts but in some of the cases it has been seen that the Thumb is clearly divided in three parts. This point will be discussed in due course of time. The first part, ’nail phalange’ denotes will power and the second phalange of the thumb stand for reason and logic’.

4. All Palmists hold the view that the Thumb’s base lies on the mount of Venus and conversely the Thumb originates from the mount of Venus. Planet Venus stands for love, passion; sympathy and vitality apart form the libido nature and vital force. Combined reading becomes necessary to know the vitality of the individual. It may not be possible to dwellat length on this aspect of Thumb-Venus relationship-in this article.

5. In pare 3 above it was noted that the thumb is divided in two/three parts. Most of palmists say that the THUMB has three parts i.e. three phalanges- all conveying different matters. Though broadly divided into Will, Logic (reason) and passion (love), all the three phalanges of the THUMB are briefly discussed below.

(i) Constancy, firmness of character and strength of WILL (popularly known as will power) is shown by the first phalange. Normally, the thumb has to be in consonance with the palm and fingers. Without dwelling on the exact size of the thumb, it would suffice to say that a long thumb is indicator of a despotic nature. Inductiveness and variable will is also indicated by this phalange. It has been seen that the first phalange exceeds the second in length in almost all cases. If it is so, the person has the will but less reason (logic). Such persons are by and large, independent in their actions. The degree of nervous energy is also judged from this phalange. At the same time it has been seen from experience that where the first phalange is longer than the second, the person (native) is of firm resolve. At times, such person act haste without thinking about the consequences of their actions. It is considered apt to mention here that the first thing to note is the relative development of the Thumb, its phalanges vis-à-vis the fingers and the palm. Restricting the discussion to the first phalange, it would suffice to say that where the top phalange (first) holds the prominent position, such persons are advised not to act recklessly and thing before they act.

(ii) The power of reasoning and logic is derived from the second phalange of the THUMB. Depending on its strength, thickness/thinness, this become the indicator of arguments (Lawyer may check their second phalange of thumb) and at the same time thy look to both sides of the question or point under consideration. If the second phalange is large, the person thinks more and acts less. Such persons should avoid day dreaming. If both the phalanges are equal (this is possible in the case of few person only), there is a balance of thought and action. Long second phalange has been to be indicator of laziness (of courses depending on the totality of the whole hand). Lack of thinking capacity has also been seen in the case of those who have second phalange long. Persons with longer/second phalange of the thumb lack determination to carry out their plans and this is normally true when the first phalange in narrow and the second is large and broad. Person with equal first and second phalanges have been seen to have both determination and logical mind. Such people are friendly and have no intention to deceive other. They also have capacity to face all adverse circumstances. But, at the same time it has been in some cases that if the second phalange is longer, the native (person) shalt have strong reasoning but may lack deter mination to convert his plans into actions. Such person have been seen to discuss their plans, schemes, idea at length and with many people but have no impetus to put them into practical shape. Rather such persons need the help of some others to implement the scheme. We have another category of person whose second phalange is narrow in the middle. In palmistry it is called ‘waist like thumb’. Another interpretation put by the learned palmist Rene is “A ‘wasted’ thumb which is cut away at each side of the second phalange.

(iii) It has been seen that some of the writers and interpretations on palmistry, ignore the interpretation of the third phalange and take the same to be connected with position of passionate and lovable planet VENUS in the base of third phalange as the area of VENUS in the palm is closely connected. Be that as it may, it has been seen in some of the cases, that third phalange of the THUMB is clearly marked. Hence the need to have independent interpretation Examine your third phalange- whether it is thick, getting thin and over developed. Emotional nature and passion of the person is indicated by this phalange, apparently on account close connection and influence of VENUS. The love for humanity and symptoms of sympathy are also seen from this phalange. For artists/actors, this phalange is more important. The interest for music, love of melody is to be found from this phalange. Actually, in astrology also, planet is Venus for sensual pleasures. In palmistry also, the base position of the Mount of Venus- connecting the third phalange of the Thumb and portion is raised and blue never are seen, the gentleman is taken to be ‘sexy’ and at times may not control his senses. If his portion is hard to touch, the person is physically strong and mentally alert. With a soft portion, the person may be physically weak.

6. It is well known that there are various types of thumbs as we have various types of people. It may not be possible to dwell at length except to say that there are several distinctive types of thumbs- in various sizes and shapes with distinctive hand shapes and classifications. We have square thumbs, the conic thumbs, the saturate thumbs and clubbed thumb. The thumb is said to be clubbed when it is very heavy at the top and out of proportion to the rest of the fingers. If other signs are also unfavorable, a violent and brutal nature is indicated. Briefly, it can be said that the thumb may be thick and elementary (weak in mind and careless about his future). Slender (weak will-power) and impulsive nature specially when the lower and upper phalanges are both narrow. Flat thumb- some thickness throughout (ranked in palmistry as selfish, unsocial and miserly but good in house-keeping), Round thumb (an indication for unhappy married life. Wasted- nature as discussed above (tactful, thoughtful and capable of gaining popularity- such person can turn cut to be good politicians), long and well shaped thumb (love for history and enjoyment of good things in life), shows valor intelligence and leadership qualities) and finally small and well shaped thumb (appreciate of beauty, romantic but sentimental).

7. Summing up the brief discussion with regard to THUMB, it can be said that the superiority of MAN over animal lies in the hand AND his superiority over other man lies in this own THUMB. The thumb has been recognized to individualize the man and in palmistry, thumb becomes the centre of foundation as No. 1 (the Sun) in numerology).
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