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Is Astrology a Myth

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
As astrology is becoming popular and gaining ground, the critics are jealous or malicious about its prosperity.

Astrology has its origin in the Vedas. Vedas entail people to observe Yajnas and rituals, for performance of which the ancient sages used to ascertain in auspicious moment. This is known as Muhurtha. Ascertaining a Muhurtha is not the scope of astronomy. It is astrology, astrology is a science which deals with effects of cosmic radiation emitting from deals with effects of cosmic radiation emitting from the terrestrial phenomena. Our ancient sages and seer were both astronomers and astrologers in other words they were known as Jyotirbids in 8anskrit.

The modern astronomers with all their vast scientific knowledge of astronomy arrived at with the help of highly developed telescopes, satellites, space ships and other equipments and instruments will never be able to ascertain a Muhurtha. So, what is practical utility of their knowledge of astronomy for humanity? As the story goes, they simply break their head in counting trees in a mango orchard instead of tasting the sweetness of the mangoes.

Our ancient sages with their knowledge of astronomy and on the basis of planetary configurations prepared almanacs from times immoral. Even today Panchangas are being published every year in almost all the regional languages in India. These Panchanges, besides containing astronomical data also foresee weather conditions, rain-fall, crop conditions, cyclone, earthquake and other natural calamities, about a year of their occurrences. These forecasts have often been proved more accurate than the predictions made by the metrological department of the Government. Whether any modern astronomer will be able to make such forecasts with his up-to-date knowledge of astronomy?

Similarly, favorable and unfavorable periods in an individual’s life and also the future of a country are seen and advantages are taken during a favorable period and precautions or remedial measures are taken during an unfavorable period. This strengthen through their intuitive power have acquired the knowledge of astrology for the benefit of mankind.

The knowledge of astrology developed beginning from the Vedic period and ahs come down to the present age. There were a number of astrologers beginning from the sage Parasara who wrote many treatises in astrology. They acquired the knowledge of astrology through their perception, observation, experience and intuition. Can we call all this knowledge as myth? This knowledge was first known to the Hindus and this was Zenith in the Gupta period in 4th Century A.D. in India was under foreign sub-jugation. After independence it has gained its momentum.

Now, we have in our country a group of Western Educated intilligentia, and secular scientific who claim themselves rationalists and are crazy for scientific approach for cach and every thing on this earth. They are against astrology. They have no faith in our ancient cultural heritage. They belittle our glorious cultural heritage which instill inferiority complex among us. They are proud of their instill inferiority complex among us. They are proud of their western knowledge and decry all the values of our country. They put forth irrelevant, illogical, silly and unreasonable arguments about astrology. Some of their comments are that the astrologers call the Sun, the Moon, Rahu and ketu as planets; the earth is considered as the centre of the Solar system; a doctor determines the birth time of a child by ceasarean operation and not by God: how to know the horoscope of a test tube baby; how to prepare the horoscope whether an astrologer will be able to say whether it belongs to a male or female, living or dead; if a writer and a dog are born at the same time and at the same place, whether the dog can write books; whether all the marriages conducted after horoscope matching are successful; astrologers did not predict the death of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Latur earthquake etc. so on and so forth.

There were a number of eminent astrologers in India in the past and also there are many at present who have predicted successfully the future of the individuals, national and international importance. These predictions are there in astrological literature and periodicals. But the critics have no patience or any interest to go through the data because they have prejudice against astrology. Just like parrots they repeat that no successful predictions were made at any time by any astrologer. Even if it was done, then it was a guess work or coincidence.

So, the critics have no rationality in their arguments. Nobody can convince them. They are adamant in their view point. For them astrology is a myth and superstition. For some of them even God is superstition. Such elements were there in society in the past and it is not surprising to have them at present.

This does not in any way deter the popularity of astrology. Astrology is a Divine Science and it will thrive as long as humanity is there. Thus, astrology is not a myth, it is as Truth as the Sun rises in the East.
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