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What is Brahama Yoga in Hindu Vedic Astrology?

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The origin of Universe is attributed to Brahama -Vishnu and Mahesh. Though Lord Shiva (Mahesh) is also referred to as the Creator, Protector and Destroyer.

Astrology the Vedic science, has also given rise to three Yogas Brahama Yoga, Vishnu Yoga and Shiva Yoga. All the three Yogas are discussed below:

Constituents: If Jupiter and Venus are in angles (kendreas respectively from the lord of the 9th and 11th and the Mercury is in a similar position from the lord of either lagna or the 10th, Brahma Yoga is caused.

Fruits: The person born with Brahma Yoga is conferred with highly beneficial results implying that the native would command health, wealth, fame and above all instincts for social service (serving others). From the constructions it is seen that all beneficial planets are involved. As the classics say, such native enjoy luxurious foods and are respected by Brahmins and taught men (Present-day VIP). The native himself is highly learned and long lived. With charitable disposition, the native does good deeds.

Our View: It has been seen that this Yoga does not come in operation for certain Lagans and in some cases the laid down conditions are not fulfilled.

For Aries born natives, this yoga cannot be deemed to be formed in all its aspects in as much as lord of the 9th is Jupiter and Jupiter’s disposition in an angle (Kendra) from the 9th Lord is entirely ruled out.

For Cancer born natives, two conditions of this yoga would be absent as lords of 9th and 11th respectively become Jupiter and Venus.

For Virgo or Sagittarius born natives, the yoga cannot be full because in regard to Virgo, Mercury become lord of the 10th while in regard to Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus becomes the lords of the 10th and 11th is not possible.

As a clarification it can be stated with regard to Sagittarius born natives that in place of 10th Lord, Lagna Lord may be considered.

Summing up. It can be said that Brahma Yoga is possible in respect of all the signs except Aries, Cancer and Virgo. But partial Brahma Yoga had been noted to give full/partial results i.e. if four combinations are needed to form a yoga, then the presence of tow three combination may suffice. Braham yoga is present with slight modification in his chart. It may be noted that Jupiter is in a Kendra from the lord of the 9th i.e. Venus. Venus is in Kendra from the lord of the 11th i.e. the Moon. Since Lagna is Virgo one defect would remains.

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