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Characteristics of rising Aquarius!

Those born under Aquarius have some degree of literary and artistic faculty and are usually advocates of the liberal arts and of scientific research. Not infrequently they are given to occult research and secret methods of experimental science. They are good orators and writers and have a taste for eclectic philosophy, music and the drama.

They have strong affections and can love with exceeding constancy, they generally remain the ardent lover of their wives till old age and always play "Darby" to the wife's "Joan". Sometimes they live in seclusion or are of very retiring habits. Their nature is frank, open, perfectly ingenuous and very humane.

The natives of Aquarius make good enduring friends, they have strong forceful tempers but do not hear malice and the disposition generally is kind and sweet. They will is firm and inflexible and continues to the end of any proposed achievement in spite of obstacles. 

The native although inclined to solitude is not misanthropic and the spirits are usually buoyant, cheerful and full of geniality. The native is not averse to honors and to wealth though he /she is frequently unsuccessful in reaching either though patient in labor and enduring. What native achieves is due to devotion and personal merit but the monetary success is likely to be of an uncertain nature, subject to great mutations and to serious obstacles due chiefly to hidden enemies, secret conspiracies and deaths among the business circle.

This rising sign gives certain ailments such as blood affections, eczema, spasmodic action, indigestion, stomach complaints, neuralgic affections of the head and sometimes gout. Marriage is pretty certain and usually takes place at an early age. The wife is likely to be of high birth or following some artistic occupation, such as artist, actress or musician, the same applies to the husband, mutates mutandis.

Generally, however, the subject of Aquarius is a man of good counsel and capable of commanding public esteem and of securing very many friends.

Dr. A. Shanker

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