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New Delhi’s Planetary position on 1st January, 2009 at 00.00 hrs
Dr. Shanker Adawal
Rising Lagna is Virgo and has a Jupiter – Rahu – Mercury conjunction in the 5th house. Rahu is a planet of illusion, deceit, represents wheel and the represents materialistic orientation. more...See below...

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Dr. Shanker Adawal provides predictions on important public figures using the Bhrigu Astrology technique. Dr. Adawal is a professional and Astrology is his passion and an urge. His predictive technique is based on Bhrigu Technique whose principles and doctrines have been deciphered from research of above two decades. He is a professional in the field of telecommunications. He is presently working for one of the Fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. Read More.....

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New Delhi’s Planetary position
aaaaaaaa- on 1st January, 2009 at 00.00 hrs.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Rising Lagna is Virgo and has a Jupiter – Rahu – Mercury conjunction in the 5th house. Rahu is a planet of illusion, deceit , represents wheel and the represents materialistic orientation. It is a destiny breaker and creates disturbances. Jupiter is debilitated with Venus and Moon in 12th from it and aspected by Saturn from the 12th (Leo).

My experience is that when Venus and Moon being together, it will lead to uncertainty and fluctuation for the treasusury of the country. This will lead to deceit, cheating and resorting to ways mostly done after sun set as the way to earn. Saturn in the 12th disturbs the peace (sukh) of the country and its aspect to the Venus – Moon conjunction adds to the complexity expressed above. We can confidently say that film personalities and materialistic oriented people will gain popularity and fame.

Jupiter’s’ movement in Capricorn from Jan., 09 to June, 09 with other movements indicates no relief to the financial market and professionals. The stock will be under pressure. Deeper setbacks are indicated from July to September, 09 in the world stocks and financial markets.

It will be not out of the context say that USA runs the Mars – Rahu period till July, 2009 and then commences the Jupiter sub period. The country will have a difficult period and betterment commences after three to four months. It has the strength to return to normalcy but will take another three years.

Women: With Venus in 6th with Moon aspected but Saturn and Mars in 4th on hand it shows that woman will become important but not from the aspect of Indian traditions, values and morality.

Business and Govt. will work in close coordination to benefit from each other and the stock markets will have an upward trend and relief from Nov., 2009 onwards. Scams in the financial world will surface after August, 09 and the crops will suffer during the period Sept,09 to Dec., 09 impacting the output for 2010 .

Real Estate will remain under pressure (Mars in 4th etc) and Govt. will intervene in a major way to stabilize things in this sector. Cross border terrorism, fundamentalism, lawlessness, negativity for judiciary and increase in frustration in general will be the trend.

The stay of Mars from Feb. 20, 2009 to April 9, 2009 in Aquarius indicates general elections as this sign is the 10th house of India Independence Chart.

In the annual chart of 2009 the 10th house representing Government and governance is aspected by 8th lord Mars and 12th lord Sun. In D9 (Navamsha) the there is an excellent exchange of 10th lord with Jupiter. In D -10 (Dasamsa) the 10th lord is exalted with Mars and Saturn – Sun in the 10th house.

By imposing the New Year Chart on the India Independence Chart Venus is in the Favorable 10/4 axis which depicts the obvious – a new Govt.

The Venus – Moon conjunction in Aquarius which is the 10th house of the Nations Natal Chart indicates woman will have a decisive say in formation of the Govt. at the Center.

To summarize the 4th and 7th lord, Jupieter debilitated and is hemmed between malefics, aspect of 8th lord Mars on Gemini, Guru chandal yoga with Mercury in 5th house, Jupiters’ transit in Aquarius in May – June, 2009, 5th and 9th lords and houses afflicted and the Indian Natal (Independence Chart) in running Venus – Ketu till approx. August, 2009 and then Sun from there ownwards.

The effects will be problems for the Govt. in trade, regulations and exchequer. No benefit from other countries and policies will not bring benefit. Moral levels will be go down and corruption will be on the upswing. There will be changes in alliances and there will be a lot of political drama which will be seen. After September, 2009 there will be constructive steps taken towards stabilization but till then the situation will deteriorate.

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Concise Predictions of Bigwigs

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi - This is my observation about her political career with respect to year 2008 specifically. As per the Bhrigu Nadi system, Jupiter is transiting Pisces from 62 to 72 years of her age. In the year 2008, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius conjunct Natal Mars...more... even more...

Shri L.K. Advani
- completes his 80th and enters in the 81st year. As per my research Jupiter transit in Virgo whose Lord is with Mars and debilitated Sun. Year 2008 and 09 shows that the Native would gain back his lost ground. more...

Vasundhara Raje
is born in March 8, 1953 at Mumbai. Characteristics of her horoscope indicating the success of Rajyoga at the age of 48th to 60th, when Natal Jupiter rotated in Leo thus she achieved the position of CM in Rajasthan being the powerful position of natal Sun. Her horoscope showing Saturn transit Leo and Jupiter transiting Sagittarius. Transiting Jupiter has Rahu ahead and Saturn has Ketu at the back. These factors show the change in present assignment after election in year 2008.

Mr. Tenzin Gyatso (Dalai Lama) -
born on 6 July 1935 in Tengster/Qinhai, Tibet. His horoscope showing conjunction of Sun – Mercury - Ketu in Gemini. The second house makes him a good spiritual orator. Moon and Venus in Leo and Rahu in Saggitarious. Taking a holistic view and the principles of Bhrigu Nadi, Dalai Lama will face a situation where he will not found a way to step forward. In my view, despite all this he will be able to maintain the spiritual aspect of Tibet alive with his influence and persuasive skills.

Shahrukh Khan
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Muhammad Nawaz Sharif - The date of Birth is taken as December 25, 1949. Moon in
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Zardari Bilawal Bhutto
- The date of birth being taken as September 21, 1988 with Moon in Capricorn and Venus opposite to it. Saturn in 12th house has a retrogate Mars in Pisces with Rahu in 12th, Sun in opposition and Jupiter in Taurus. more...

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