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Sun Aspects: Sun Opposed Moon; Sun Conjunct Trine Moon; Sun Square Moon

Sun Opposed Moon - The vibration here is half negative, half positive. The choice belongs to both of you. It reflects the familiar question concerning the optimist and the pessimist: "Is the glass half full or half empty?"

To prevent the relationship from becoming, in some degree, kind of sadist-masochist vibration (the Sun the former, the Moon the latter), both of you must make an effort: the Sun to soften attitudes and behavior, the Moon to be more assertive. I didn't say domineering, I said assertive. There is no need to go from one extreme to the other! Despite the occasional opposed views between you, there is also the positive side of the opposition to consider, meaning that this aspect can operate through bringing a strong magnetic attraction (polarity always does!) and gradually pulling forth the best qualities of each, blending them into mutual achievements. But this does take work - and careful analysis of each minor and major clash of wills.

Sun Conjunct Trine Moon - Any of these three aspects between the luminaries (Sun and Moon) represent the strongest of all harmonies between two people, especially the conjunction, although the sextile and trine are big boosters to compatibility in their own way. Not always (nothing in the realm of existence is always), but at least 95 percent of the time, those who have such a luminary aspect between their birth charts can count on a cosmic insurance policy against an acrimonious or permanent destruction of their relationship, whether it be that of lovers, mates, friends, relatives, or business associates.

This (Sun-Moon) vibration won’t totally prevent quarrels, arguments, and various problems initiated by so-called negative (actually energizing) aspects between your other planets, but it will powerfully assist resolutions of upsetting events. With this astrological gift, should the two of you temporarily break off your relationship for any reason, you’re guaranteed repeated opportunities for reconciliation. These aspects are nearly always found between men and women who divorce then remarry each other, sometimes more than once, and between friends, relatives, and business partners who angrily and their associations, then “kiss and make up,” with mutual apologies.

The reason for the excellent harmony bestowed by these luminary aspects is that the Moon’s emotional nature and the Sun’s personality are compatible; therefore the entire relationship is basically harmonious, regardless of discordant vibrations from other planetary aspects in your inter-charts.

Sun Square Moon

With this mutual aspect, there is a difference in basic temperaments, a clash between the natures and personalities, even with two people of the same sex, but especially so between two people of the opposite sex, in any kind of relationship or association. The Sun may be too bossy and thoughtless or arrogant, ignoring the Moon, bringing on tears and withdrawal. On the other hand (Libra insists on sneaking into these compatibility aspects), the Moon may be overly sensitive and exaggerate a lack of consideration displayed at times by the Sun, taking the relationship far too seriously for harmony. The cosmic counsel to the Sun is: Try association; you are only half of it. The cosmic counsel to the Moon is simplicity itself. For you I have two words: Lighten up!

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Sun Aspects:Sun Opposed Moon;Sun Conjunct Trine Moon;Sun Square Moon

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Concise Predictions of Bigwigs

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi - This is my observation about her political career with respect to year 2008 specifically. As per the Bhrigu Nadi system, Jupiter is transiting Pisces from 62 to 72 years of her age. In the year 2008, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius conjunct Natal Mars...more... even more...

Shri L.K. Advani
- completes his 80th and enters in the 81st year. As per my research Jupiter transit in Virgo whose Lord is with Mars and debilitated Sun. Year 2008 and 09 shows that the Native would gain back his lost ground.

Vasundhara Raje
is born in March 8, 1953 at Mumbai. Characteristics of her horoscope indicating the success of Rajyoga at the age of 48th to 60th, when Natal Jupiter rotated in Leo thus she achieved the position of CM in Rajasthan being the powerful position of natal Sun. Her horoscope showing Saturn transit Leo and Jupiter transiting Sagittarius. Transiting Jupiter has Rahu ahead and Saturn has Ketu at the back. These factors show the change in present assignment after election in year 2008.

Mr. Tenzin Gyatso (Dalai Lama) -
born on 6 July 1935 in Tengster/Qinhai, Tibet. His horoscope showing conjunction of Sun – Mercury - Ketu in Gemini. The second house makes him a good spiritual orator. Moon and Venus in Leo and Rahu in Saggitarious. Taking a holistic view and the principles of Bhrigu Nadi, Dalai Lama will face a situation where he will not found a way to step forward. In my view, despite all this he will be able to maintain the spiritual aspect of Tibet alive with his influence and persuasive skills.

Shahrukh Khan
- Year 2008 will be a period of expenses in the work field. Tussle in between the occupation, business affairs and ambitions but will able to tide over the difficulties. Year 2009 will be a year of change. more....

Amitabh Bhachan
- I am analyzing the impact of the word “Amitabh” and the constellation or Nakshatra in which he was borne. This gives a broad and fairly accurate analysis of the inherent of the person which is the core.
more... even more...

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
- The date of Birth is taken as December 25, 1949. Moon in
Aquarius with Sun and mercury in Sagittarius (11th from it). Jupiter/Venus conjunction in between sun and moon. Rahu is placed 2nd house from moon and Saturn in opposition. more..

Zardari Bilawal Bhutto
- The date of birth being taken as September 21, 1988 with Moon in Capricorn and Venus opposite to it. Saturn in 12th house has a retrogate Mars in Pisces with Rahu in 12th, Sun in opposition and Jupiter in Taurus. more...

Astro Tips
Vedic Mantras are a very powerful medium to enhance the good effects of benefic Planets and to curb the adverse effects of malicious planetary combinations, time periods (Dashas) or planetary positions. Here are some of most effective mantras to practice.


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