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Astrological view on - “Harmony and Disharmony”

Harmonious Combinations

When planets are harmonious, they create mutual understanding between people, the likelihood of happiness, and ease in relationships. This influence inclines toward mutual interest, shared goals, and, most often, a comfortable home. Planets that are harmonious are the least likely to promote critical misunderstandings. Disagreements are settled with simple adjustments and compromises. Matters are usually resolved readily and without a lot of fuss and hidden agendas. This harmonious flow of trines and sextiles, or favorable energies, seems to attract equally shared relationships where the balance of power is good and each helps and the other succeed in all endeavors. All conjunctions add emotional sensitivity and a very strong bond of affection between the two people involved.

Disharmonious Combinations

When planets are disharmonious, they create more confrontation and there is less likelihood of an easy relationship. These individuals are at odds. Feelings, when injured, can create combative situations, and solutions are more complex and less straightforward. These couples usually have dissimilar tastes, interests, and characters. Because of the basic differences, quarrels are often long lasting and estrangements are more frequent than with the more favorable aspects and energies. Yet there is the potential for two strong-willed individuals to force each other to look at things from a different perspective and create both positive change and growth for each person.

Why do the aspects tend to create harmonious or disharmonious energies? Because when planets are in the same signs, or compatible signs, we are similar to one another or have an innate understanding of each other.

Have you ever met someone you feel you have known forever? This is most often because there is an easy flow of communication or the two of you tend to “think alike,” “feel like twins,” or otherwise feel an instant knowing and attraction. These people are familiar to you at some subconscious level. Things just feel right between you, and you tend to think that because of the likeness of the past, your futures can be brighter together. And, in most cases, this turns out to be true.

Or have you ever met someone for whom you had an instant dislike? You can’t relate to this person, you two have nothing in common, and you seem to be at cross purposes in life. Sometimes we meet people who are “opposites” of us, just like our astrological opposites. We know they are all wrong for us and yet we can’t seem to resist them.

The disharmonious energies are harder to work with and yet can certainly make for interesting, challenging, and very romantic relationships just the same. Think of the great stuff of romantic novels where the heroine can’t stand the hero and yet finds him irresistible. Over time they make adjustments, learn to appreciate their differences, and manage to live happily ever after. It won’t come easy. But then don’t we tend to appreciate most the things we work the hardest for?

The harmonies of love aspects are important, and they are one of the many tools you can use in life to assist your relationships. But keep in mind, that “Love can conquer all.”

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