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Childlessness Why?

Basic Nature of a Mother as per 12 Zodiac Signs!
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Article: Childlessness - Adoption of Children and Evaluation of other connected matters Astrologically!

1. Jupiter is known significator of children and so is the 5th House and 5th Lord. Apart from various astrological considerations, the first look on the horoscope has to be on 5th house, planets in the 5th house, 5th lord, planets aspecting the 5th lord , strength of 5th lord and the known benefic planet – Jupiter. Apart from sons and grandsons, Jupiter also take in its ambit grandfather and great-grandfather. Thus at times, not getting a child is attributed to Pitri-dosha.

2. For denial of children, we have ‘Sarpasapa yogas and premature death of children is also indicated by these yogas. In addition we have ANAPATHYA YOGA. The simple constitution of this yoga is attributed to the weak Jupiter, lagna Lord, 5th Lord and 7th Lord. If this combination exists, particularly in the both the charts of husband and wife, the native may not have any child. Jupiter and the Lagna Lord 7th and 5th Lords have to be weak. If the Jupiter and 5th Lord gets strong, the yoga gets modified to some extent and chances to have a child would brighten – depending on the totality of horoscope.

3. Though the times have changed but Hindu consider ‘childlessness’ to be a great sin. Even to have female child is considered inauspicious. Recently, the Prime Minister of India in his speech (15th August, 1997) proposed to have a new law not to allow termination of pregnancy if it is known to be female child.

4. Birth of children is considered to be a great blessing and feelings of those not having a child can better be imagined than described. Now a reference is made to Sarpasapa Yogas:

5th should be occupied by Rahu and aspected by Mars or the 5th should be a sign of Mars and occupied by Rahu.

5th Lord in conjunction with Rahu and Saturn in the 5th house aspected by or associated with the Moon.

Jupiter-Karka of children in association with Mars, Rahu in Lagna and 5th Lord in ‘dusthana’ gives to rise to Sarpasapa Yoga.

5th house being sign of Mars must be conjoined by Rahu and aspected by or associated with Mercury.

5. In the above matters, there will be no children or children may die due to curse of serpants. Only Lord Shiva would be the saver. Whether we believe in curses or blessings, the above yogas are generally known for denial or death of children. It may be noted that Rahu and Mars have a significant role to play in denying or killing the children. The combination of the Moon and Saturn normally become indicative of ‘sorrow’ if connected with 5th house.

6. Human beings desire to live for ever and the Almighty-God has given the human kind the power to live in the form of their off-springs-children. While analyzing the question of ‘childlessnes’, apart from 5th house as indicated above, the following must also be taken into account:

The 7th house indicating life partner must also be carefully examined for begetting the children. 7th house and 8th house read together become indicative about the impotency of the native.

The house of fortune – 9th house (a house of luck and 5th from 5th).

5th house from the significator of children-jupiter.
Examine the strength of 5th house and other connected houses and planets. Before predicting, ascertain whether the native has any symptoms of ‘impotency’ or ‘barrenness’.
The auspicious conditions for begetting children are summarized below:

When the lagna Lord, Lord of the Moon’s sign, 5th Lord and 7th Lord are powerful in addition to powerful Jupiter.

When the above planets are in angles (Kendra) tines (Trikonas) or in the 11th house.

When the 5th house is aspected or occupied by benefics.
When there are more benefic points in the 5th house from Jupiter in Ashtakavarga, and The Santan Tithi falls in the bright half of the Moon.

Santhan Tithi is progeny. Tithi and can be arrived at be deducting the longitude of the Sun from the longitude of the Moon. Multiply this difference by 5 and arrive at ‘Santhan Tithi’ (Reader’s views on this are welcome).

8. This horoscope (Chart No.1) belong to the wife of an industrialist. This key word was given but no astrologer could predict about the childlessness as per results of the contest published in monthly journal ‘ Astrology-the Soul of All’ for March, 1997. The Significator of children Jupiter ® is in 2nd house aspected by Mars. Even aspect of Venus from 8th house failed to give child in Saptamsha, some improvement is shown but 5th house have Mercy and Venus aspected by Rahu, Saturn and Mars.

9. This horoscope (Chart No.2) belong to a lady who had Mars in 5th house with Jupiter and Venus. Since it is free from affliction of Rahu and Saturn, the native was blessed with son-Mars and Jupiter being powerful.

10. For adoption of a child, there may be many combinations but for the purposes of this article, only few important combinations are given below.

If the 5th house falls in Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius and has the association or aspect of Saturn or Mandi (Mandi is son of Saturn).

If the 7th Lord is weak and is not connected with lagna or 5th Lord

If the 9th house is afflicted with Saturn and Mandi and Lagna Lord is badly disposed to the 9th house and 9th Lord.If the 5th Lord is a eunuch planet, the 5th house is conjoined with or aspected by a eunuch planet and also occupied by Mandi and Jupiter is powerful.If the Moon is in the 5th house either in sign or Navamsha of Saturn and is associated with a planet other than Saturn.

11. The above principles of adoption can be seen in this horoscope (Chart No.3) of a male native. It is true that both horoscopes of husband and wife need to be seen but when the results are clear, even the horoscope of one is sufficient. Note there are no planets in the Kendra. Significator or children Jupiter is in the grip of Rahu and Ketu, the Moon is aspected by Mars, Saturn and Rahu aspect Lagna and 5th Lord Mercury gets to 12th house though forming Budh-aditya Yoga. The native had to adopt a girl child because of Mercury and Venus ®.

12. From the above discussion, the role played by planets in giving or denying children can well be seen.

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