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Know About Bhrigu Nadi - A Short Sequence of Notes

Dr. Shanker Adawal(Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Jupiter’s influence – A Bhrigu Study
- Post One

Astrology has a number of different systems, one of which is the Nadi System. In this system, much value is given to the rotation of Jupiter. Following are my short notes that I have scribbled down for the sake of the readers. These are a few astrology related principles that can be absorbed by the readers for a better understanding. Although, there is no doubt that the holistic approach pays better, still a reader will find these notes interesting.

As per the Bhrigu principle, the stay period of Jupiter in a house is of 12 years. For instance, if somebody is born under the influence of Jupiter in Aries then that person would remain powered by the position of Jupiter for the next 12 years. And when Jupiter will be taken into a new house after the completion of these 12 years, the influence on the person will change. I will explain it further later.

It should be kept in mind that value has to be given to the sign in which Jupiter is placed along with its relationship with all the other planets. Another thing to note is that the planets that are placed in the 11th house from Jupiter will offer good results for a person especially the KARTATWA, which are portrayed by those planets.

Jupiter’s strength is dependent on the DISPOSITOR of the Lord, where it is placed. Supposedly if Jupiter is placed in Aries then the position of Mars plays a vital role. If the depositor is placed in the house 6th, 8th or 12th, the overall strength is diminished. The worst situation would be when the depositor would be in the 8th house. The conclusion is that if the depositor is not placed well then the results will not be positive irrespective of whether Jupiter is placed in a good sign or not.

If you wish to calculate the result of each year then you need to study the transition of Jupiter that remains for a year in one house. Keep in mind that only those very events will prosper that are promised in the 12 years. The position of Jupiter and its relationship with other planets (conjunction, relationship with the depositor lord and even opposition) will decide this. I hope the readers are aware of the Kartatwas and the role of planets. I will explain it later on my site.

Besides Jupiter, another relevant planet is Saturn. Saturn represents all results associated with livelihood for the father (SUN), mother (Moon) or the native. Both of these planets are important when it comes to the matters of livelihood.

Saturn represents Work and Saturn’s relationship with other planets and its own position is valuable. However, Jupiter influences the action that leads to the enjoyment of the soul. In other words, it can be said that all the activities of life that your soul takes pleasure in (bad and good) can be deciphered by reading the position of Jupiter (according to the Nadi System). On the other hand, the transfer of Saturn is supplemented by the KARAK and this is used for the predictive part (Saturn rules Livelihood and Venus the issues related to Marriage etc.).

These observations are according to the Nadi system and in my next post I will talk about the effect of Jupiter when it transports in the first round over other planets.

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