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Planetary forces for the month of April, 2008

Know about business and professional trends for the month of April, 2008 with glimpses in corporate affairs and also in share market

Lagna Lord Mars gets to 3rd House and aspects Jupiter in 9th House-inter-se aspect. Sun and Mercury are together in 12th House. Venus and Rahu in 11th are aspected by retrograde Saturn and Ketu apart from this Mars also aspect Venus and Rahu. The Moon is in 10th House in the sign of Saturn but would go on shifting to other signs.

Trends in business/ profession for the month of April, 2008
The government may plan to acquire new fighter big planes and fighting capacity of armed forces shall increase with other measures for the welfare of armed forces. But Rahu’s aspect on Mars may give heavy losses in the publishing industry and also in the field of shipping and other modes of transport including by air.

Film industry must be cautious in producing their films as heavy losses are indicated and also the fact that there may be unexpected daily in release of the films. It is indicated that the films release at this time may relate to tragedies and serious crimes. Film actors/actresses may suffer in one way or the other.

Jupiter the beneficial planet in own sign in 9th House may take care of all evil effects. The government may evolve new schemes of establishment of new airports and also for giving comfortable travel to the passengers.

The Moon in 10th House is with Neptune aspected by retrograde Saturn and Mars. Both the heads of the government and ruling party in power may become unpopular because of some unacceptable policy decision thus may be criticized by the opposition parties. Foreign trade and shipping industry may suffer. Death (unexpected) among the notable ladies indicated.

Some important members of the ruling party and also of opposition parties may be involved in many episodes which may be unearthed later some type of scandals indicated. This may bring disgrace to the persons concerned and humiliation. Members of parliament, government officials and politicians at the top may be disgraced depending on personal birth chart of each person.

Because of undesirable events in the country including rapes of foreigners women may make the foreigners to consider the culture ideals of the nation as ‘low grade’

The authorities concerned must be careful about the conspiracies and element of disloyalty against the ruler.

India’s export trade particularly against the ruler and business relating to dealers in fluid may suffer.

Unpatriotic activities may be noted specially among few traitors may be on account of indifferent attitude of the ruling party.

Mob violence and unrest conditions may prevail in the country for some time.

Crimes and sufferings by women may increase. Divorce cases and dowry deaths may be noted in some areas. People in general may be seeking pleasures involving immoral trade/trends. Women may be forced in human trafficking. Extra-marital relationships including among the high level persons may come to surface.

Trade agreements and contracts with foreign countries may not prove to be advantageous later better the contents may be thrashed well before signing the agreements.

The chief government officials shall meet with success in their areas and shall be honored. Goodwill among the ruling parties (coalition) and the people shall prevail. The secret enemies may not be in a position to damage the country.

Some unexpected tragedies or mishaps in the fields of shipping, railways, motor transport, airlines etc indicated.

Some hard decisions from religious heads the so called representative of God cannot be ruled out. Hence the masses must be careful in following such directions.

There are the possibility suicides among the higher section of the society. Some unpatriotic activities on the part of politicians may come to surface and the government may assume upper hand in dealing with the situation and also with opposition leaders.

If any elections are held during this period the situation is likely to be marred by unexpected events. The danger of accidents and involvement of dangerous materials are possible. It is needless to add to take extra precautions.

Remedial Measures
Worship Lord Ganesh, Vishnu and Lord Shiva on 6th April, 2008 for Amvasya on 6th April, 2008 up to 9.25 am and for the start of New Vikrama Year 2065

Worship the Sun for the year as king and ministers for the year will be The Sun.

Path of Durga Maa would be beneficial for good harvest of business deals and also to get rid of evils.

Remember and worship Shree Narain Ji on 13th April, 2008 Vaisakhi.

Worship Lord Ram on 14th April, 2008 Ramnavmi path of Shri Ram stotram, give donation and do havan etc.

Fast on Ekadshi- 16th April, 2008

The above are general vindications as per indications given by the planetary forces with regard to business as trends and other matters. Accordingly, the editor, ‘Astrology the Soul of All’, author and Kailash Astro Research Team owes no responsibility for any action one may take in any walk of his/her life.
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