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Nav Samvat 2065 (2008 – 09 A.D.)

What the New Year has to say for Individuals, Nations and Countries.

Astro analysis by Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, Doctorate in Agriculture and MBA

The new Indian year Samvat 2065 (April, 2008 to March 2009) Starts on 6th April, 2008. Actually this New Year day need to be celebrated with high sprit as the 1st January of the year. Be that as it may, this New Year day is also celebrated in its own way – by way of religious discourages, visits to holy places, bath in sacred rivers including “Ganga” and also by giving donations especially to Brahmins and poor.

Believe or not, Astrology is a divine science and is “ang” limb of the Vedas. It would be apt to say that astrology is essentially a spiritual science but it has been noticed that its application and use has come to stay in modern times in the material world with spiritual blindness. It is high time that the people should wake up and enjoy the light of spiritualism and meditations via Astrology.

Astrology has a role to play in all walks of life – it is guiding force for all events to happen. Wither it be a case of individual, nation or country. At present, the president of India and other high profile persons are firm believers in Astrology. Thus it would not be wrong to say that the Divine Science Astrology has come out to hold it. Head high even in modern times though with many odds.

Astrology does not belong to any one religion or any ‘Pandit’ – it has come to be recognised as universal and it takes into its fobe all religions. We have many Muslim teachers of Astrology and so there is wide spread of Astrology in almost all countries. At present the Media (T.V. etc) is doing it best to spread the message of the Divine Science – This helps the people to get needed awareness.

Astro – Analysis of the Horoscope for New Samvat Year 2065

What a chance, the lagna rising for the New Year is the same as that of India – i.e. Taurus. Therefore the results shall be predominantly applicable to India also.

The New Year starts on 6th April, 2008. Sunday. Pratipada Tithi ruled by Shukla Paksha and Revti Nakshtra ruled by Mercury were rising.

With regard to Numro – forces, number 6 is governed by Mars. The combined affect of Venus and Mars shall have to be studied together.

The moon and the sun are together in Pisces (11th House) and both the kings and minister for the year more egoistic, proudly and as well cruel to some extent.

now coming to the Horoscope, it is seen that as mentioned above, Taurus Lagna was rising and Lagna lord Venus gets to its exaltation sigh Pisces (11th House) in the company to the moon and the Sun. Women may come to hold high position. Mars is in 2nd House expecting, inter – alia. Saturn (Retrograde is in 4th House aspected by Rahu and Uranus and is in the company of Ketu. However Jupiter aspects Saturn and Ketu.

Masses are represented by Saturn who is in the grip of Rahu and Ketu. By nature man is selfish by nature an in the year the people will become more selfish and cut – throat competition may be noted in due course of time though relief is provided by Jupiter’s aspect. As is seen, without regard to human beings, everything is evaluated by money and as noted in earlier times as per newspaper reports, even sports and sportsmanship is being spoiled by the money power.

There are strong indications that most of the countries specially signified by Gemini, Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius may suffer from natural a calamities and disasters apart from terrorism. Even human – suicide bombs to be used for destructions are indicated.

The authorities and Govt. officials are likely to make use of power – masculine power without considering the fact that the masses may suffer heavily by their behavior. In other words, it would be apt to say that general state of affair, health – rather general state of affairs in all aspects may suffer. At times leading to mob agitations and mob attacks.

Frequent changes in the index for share market, loss on stock exchange, losses to the banks for non – recovery of loans, extra and unexpected expenditure on army and military – indicated.

Some discontentment among the employees of the transport department including of railways, civil aviation etc. indicated. The government may come up with stern action.

Weather flections for crops, damage to crops, mining disasters and earthquakes in some places indicated. Educational institutions may come under deep scanner and some type of scam or misuse of funds may come to light.

Disturbances including accidental fires possible in cinemas/theatres or other places of entertainment. Crimes against women and children may be unearthed. Increase in piracy and immorality also indicated.

Discontentment and dissatisfaction among the lower classes. Masses in general indicated for want of basic facilities including eatables and water/ electricity. Fraudulent practices with regard to some important documents may be noticed.

Foreign policy may receive some set back and some disagreement with foreign nations cannot be ruled out. Diplomats to be on the alert.

Research matters in the filed of medical science may get set back. Ayurveda system may get more recognition.

Scandals in religious and legal services/professions may come to notice. Some VIP woman may face extreme illness. Sudden and unexpected development on some matters in government circle possible.
Disagreement with political parties and also among the members of Parliament indicated.

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