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Palmistry, Know the Difference between Right and Left Hands

Both hands must be viewed. with care and compared but the right hand is the most important , as on it we read the facts of life why the native has succeeded. , or why he has failed. From it we also see what use he has made of his talents and opportunities. We see the favorable growth of character, or retrogression, the development of hereditary tendencies, or the arrest of these improvement in health or the reverse. By the right hand also we can in a measure judge what the future is likely to bring forth.

Some Palmists give importance to the hand which the native work (Left handed persons).

No palmist can , however with certainty predict the occurrence of life . We. can only foresee the probable development of certain signs, and from the character, position, health, and other factors, draw conclusions and give a forecast.

The accurate statement so often made by palmists, regarding the future, are more frequently the result of clairvoyance God gifted or intuitive power, which many people possess in a high degree, sometimes unknown to themselves, and which they unconsciously use. This is a gift which may be developed by God’s grace but cannot be acquired, Used in conjunction with a knowledge of palmistry it is exceedingly valuable.

The left hand is the hand of possibilities of thought and heredity. On this we see the transmission of character and qualities from parents to their offspring.

Illnesses, diseases, and other tendencies marked on left hand may not develop in the “subject” but if ­the signs are there the possibility must be' guarded against. If confirmed in the right hand, the danger is greater or the malady has already shown itself and the native has suffered.

Characteristics and talents seen in the left hand are inherent, or latent, in the individual, and we look at the right hand to see how far they have been cultivated or developed.

Characteristics, tastes, etc., marked in the right hand only, have been acquired and may be foreign to the person's nature. Circumstances may have moulded his disposition as in the struggle of life a combative spirit is grafted upon a peaceable temper, or, the beautiful and artistic surroundings of a luxurious home.

Remember that left hand is the hand of thought. The signs of marriage, disaster, fame, position, wealth and other indications are seen thereon and uncon­firmed in the right are not facts, but disclose only the desires, ambitions, fears and worries that agitate the natives mind.

When the signs are marked clearly in both hands, it is safe to state experiences already gone through, or events likely to occur, this according to the position of the sign and age of the person. For instance a star on the Mount Luna in the left hand would indicate anxiety for some one travelling by sea, or the death by drowning, of a rela­tive or dear friend.

If a star is in both hands the disaster may happen to the individual himself, or he may narrowly escape such a calamity in which case a "square" should appear' close to the mark.
Similarly is the position with all other signs on the left hand, they are either from nervous apprehension, or from sympathy for the sufferer. Qualities and talents well defined in the left hand and less marked in the right, indicate the want of cultivation of these gifts.

Illness and diseases marked on the right hand only are not inherited, but have been brought on by the mode of life, by accident, rashness or neglect of health.Students of Palmistry must not judge by one sign alone. The whole hand, rather both the hands must be read , opposing influences or mitigating signs taken into account, and allowance made for tem­perament, health, and other factors before judgment is pronounce
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