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Astrology as a Tool of History

By K.K. Pathak

During Islamic Invasion of India people of South India sincerely guarded and preserved the Hindu culture. It is a part of Indian history that Malick Mohd Kaif a commander of Allaudin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi invaded Shiva temple of Rameshwaram and got constructed a Mosque there in the same way as done by other Muslim Rules at Ayodhya, Mathura,Varanasi, Agra, Delhi and several other places.

References of Lord Shri Rama are made in Kalidasas Raghuvansham and Bhava Bhootis “UTTARARAMCHARITAM” apart form Valmiki’s Ramayanam Rishava Deva, first Jain Trithankar was the descendant of Lord Sri Rama Lord Buddha the founder of Buddhism, was also s descendant of Lord Sri Rama Gautam Buddha died in Khushi Nagar which was once the Headquarters of Kush a son of Sri Rama. Guru Nanak and Saint Kabir referred to Sri Rama in their several poems places associated with Sri Rama are Ayodhya., Prayaga and chitrakooota in V.P Buxer, Sitamarhi, Valmiki Nagar, Sonepur, Gaya and Ramshila in Bihar, Ramateka in Maharashtra Kanya in M. Pand Chhatisgarh Mahatma Gandhi had the vision of RAMARAJYA in his concept of SWARAJA and he died uttering the name of Rama. But in 61st year of India’s Independence Congress Court of doctor Man Mohan Singh created a history by denying in Supreme Court that there have ever been any Sri Rama through they subsequently went back from their stand under public pressure.

Late Dr. B.V. Raman in his notable Horoscopes begins with horoscope of Lord Sri Krishna as follows:

Date of Birth: 19th July 3228 B.C. at about mid – night (Lat 27.25’ Long 77.41’E)
Balance of Moons Dasa at birth 4 years 2 months 21 days readers may please note that in 3000 – 4000 B.C. Solar months began earlier than present ones.

Varha Mishra in his Brihat Jataka gave hints about Sri Rama’s Horoscope taking from Valmiki’s Ramayan follows:

Unfortunately no authority could earlier fix up the exact year of Sri Rama’s birth on late B.V. Raman’s inspiration. I tried to fix up the period of the Vedas the Ramayan and the Maha Bharat in the year 1995-96 which finds places at page 1 of my book: Astrology in the Vedas and Puranas Published by Alpha Publication delhi-6.

According to our estimate Vedic civilization appertained to 6000 to 7000 B.C., the age of Ramayan could be around 5000 B.C. The age of first Jain Trithankar Rishabhanath around 2500-3000 B.C.

In his letter dated 24th Feb, 1998 to me late B.V. Rama agreed with me in these words: “The statements made by yourself are in compatibility which our traditions and beliefs. I congratulate you on your scholarship and the clarity of presentation.”

Recently, Mr. Pushkar Bahatnagar an office of Indian Revenue Service through help of a software “ Palnetarium Gold “ has made sensational revelations in his book: dating the age of Lord Rama “ taking cue from astrological feed – back given on Valmiki Ramayan as follows:-

a) Sri Ram was born on 10th January 5114 B.C. at noon at Ayodhya at 25 N Nad 81 E that is 7117 years before which was Chaitra Chukka 9 – time 12 to 13 hrs.

b) Sri Ram went to forest when he was 25 years old that is in 5089 B.C.

c) It was in 13th year of his Vanavasa that is on 5th October 5077 B.C that a fierce battle with Khara – Dooshan was bought by Rama and Lakshman on a solar eclipse day.

d) Sri Rama came back to Ayodhya on 2nd January 5076 B.C. on Chaitra Shukla 9 (not Karteka Amashya) as commonly believed) after completion of his 14 years of Vanvasa.

It is obvious that due to changes in axis of the earth solar months came to months earlier in Ramayan age and one month earlier in Mahabharat age when compared with 20th or 21st century A.D.

Some Research scholar has traced out Ashoka Vatika where Sita was kept by Ravana and also the hill of herbs brought at Lanka by Lord Hanuman.

All these go to prove that Sri Rama was real person appertaining to 5000 B.C. and around that. It also gives me the satisfaction that my inferences about the period of the Ramayan in 1996-97 are now supported by advanced computer technique also.

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