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Ultimate End, Emergency n Marital Law - Pakistan

By Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBADoctorate in Agriculture and MBA

On 3rd November, 2007 Pakistan President Gen Pervez Musharaf imposed a state of emergency and also told Chief Justice Iftikar Muhammad Chaudhary that his service are no longer required. With this action, the President also suspended the Constitution of Pakistan. A new provisional Constitutional order was also issued.

As is known to all Pakistan had been in troubled waters with reference to governance of the country. If we look at the original horoscope of Pakistan, it would be seen that rising sign (Lagna) was Mars and there have been military rule from time to time with some span for democracy. Without getting to history, it would suffice to say that Even for President Musharraf, this was the second coup- earlier in 1999, President Musharraf had assumed extra-ordinary powers in his capacity Army Chief( October, 1999).

Astrologically, Lagna Lord Mars had a major role to play partly- the planet Mars is a fiery planet and inter-ails represent.

Mars owns two signs in the Zodiac i.e. Aries and Scorpio area is more important for Pakistan as Aries was rising when Pakistan was born. Mars, rules over brothers, neighboring countries, police and military departments, army, fires weapons, dictator, marital law, courage , boldness, bravery, theft, robbery, present day terrorism depending on the affliction of Mars, and other connect matters connected with authority and that too in a cruel a cruel manner. With strong Mars, a person become very authorities and commands and rules over others in his/her own way. This may be the position with President Parvez Musharraf while declaring emergency. Aries is considered to be a better sign for men and it craves for leadership whether it is the case of a woman or a man. Pakistan was born in Aries sign and the may aspire to.

In chart no 1 prepared on the day of declaration of emergency shows that Mars was in 12th House Aspected by Rahu thus adding to the fraudulent practices which might have been adopted in declaring Emergency – fraudulent practices cauls be on the people of Pakistan and also on the leaders of opposition political parties, The controller of mind is the Moon who is in the 2nd House but under the heavy influence of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu- this indicates that the mind was sufficiently disturbed while taking the decision for Emergency.

In chart No. 2, transit horoscope of Pakistan on the date of Emergency, with reference to Aries Lagna, Mars-the Lagna Lord gets to 3rd House. This position of Mars indicate use of weapons for all including public at large and this happened AFTER Emergency while dealing with mob including advocates, Mars also aspects 10th House. The sear pf Government, parliament etc and in view of Jupiter’s position (9th house) harsh decision are indicated with intellectuals and members of judiciary, judges etc.

On the day of emergency the planetary position was not so good – the sun was debilited and was aspected by Saturn, the Moon was eclipsed by Rahu and Ketu and Above all, must of the planets were under the influence of malefic Nakshatras mostly owed by Saturn, Rahu, Mars, and Ketu. All these factors contributed for the Black Saturday for the people of Pakistan.

The original chart of Pakistan is reproduced as chart no. 3 mars were in 3rd house with Moon. Brief effects of Mars indicated above when in 3rd House. The country was born in Kala- Sarpa Yoga when all the planets are under the grip of Rahu and Ketu. India was also born in Kal-a-sarpa but the whole difference has been by the rising lagna – Aries in the case of Pakistan and Taurus in the case of India.
Seeds for emergency shown earlier:
As is known to all coming events cast their shadow before and in view of the following facts, it is clear that seeds have been shown earlier and were deep rooted.

i) Deportation of – Nawaz Sheriff on his arrival in Pakistan

ii) Seven dead in pak suicide attack – Hindustan Times dt. 31st Oct., 2007

iii) Pravez legalizes power to sack Parliament – Hindustan Times dt. 22nd august, 2002.

iv) On Return on Benazir Bhutto to Pakistan – joyous Karachi shell –Shocked- pieces of flesh, a hug fire ball – Hindustan times dated 20th October, 2007.

v) Day of the General – landslide victory for Parvez Musharraf in Presidential

vi) Elections – Hindustan times dated 7th October, 2007

vii) Pak awaits court verdict on Musharraf win – Hindustan times dt 8th October 2007.

viii) Chopper escorting Musharraf crashes – 20 soldiers missing – 20 dead in clashes with Islamists in North wazirstan- Hindustan Times dt 9th Oct, 2007

ix) Three days of Pak Battle leaves 195 dead- Hindustan times dt 10th Oct, 2007

x) And there may be more such incidents.
After Emergency:
i) India regrets Emergency – Hindustan Times dt 4th Nov, 2007

ii) Under siege: General goes for the kill – times of India dt 5th nov ,2007 and also the following news items in this paper:

iii) US has to live with another Pakcoup

iv) Mushraff in straits, but its doomsday ahead

v) People left angry, dazed and glazed

vi) Pak Islamist leader calls for crackdown – Times of India dt Nov,2007

vii) BJP draws parallel between Mush, Hilter and Economic Times
Current Affairs
Be that as it may, Jupiter – the planet of wisdom and intelligence shall changes from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 22nd Nov, 2007 .There are bright chances

i) For change e.g. mental approach of Pres. Mush

ii) For getting advice from some seniors both from his country and also from abroad specially USA.

There may be more violence and also mob attacks and for maintaining the so called law and order, Pakistan would need lot of ignition material and weapons and this show other countries including USA can reach and thus forcing the authorities to restore democracy in Pakistan.

People in general along with advocates and other intellectuals may resort to all sorts of agitations for restoration of democracy.

Finally as a remedial measure, it is suggested that Pres. Mush. May lave his ego and pride, be on the righteous path and help the poor people (propitiation of Lord Saturn.) Instead of curses, the Pres. must get the blessings and good wishes of the people.

The above are general observations and solely based on the basis pf planetary forces Accordingly, the Astrology the Soul of All , Editor/ author or Kailash Astro Research owes no responsibility for any action one may take in any walk of his/her life.

God Bless and Good Luck.

Truth in above predictions is indicated as after the write up, it was noted form the News Paper reports that President Musharraf has agreed to hold elections:

i) Times of India dated 9th Nov 2007
After Bush call Mush says polls by Feb 15 But Bhutto says it is a vague promise:

ii)Hindustan Times dated 9th Nov, 2007
Bush pushes Mush to polls – soon after White – House call, Gen says elections by Feb. 15

iii) Economic Times dated 9th Nov, 2007

Soon after Bush’s snub, Musharraf announces polls – will shed uniform after oath of second term as President.

In the above predictions it was clearly predicted that President Musharraf may change his mental attitude on the advice of snior country specially the USA and this has actually happened.

Other conflicting and confusing needs:
a) Emergency off in a month: Pak

Bhutto prevented from meeting Ex.C.J;

Plans, Protest rally in Lahore today
Times of India dt 11.11.2007
b) Polls by Jan 9, Musharraf- EMERGENCY to remain in force, say Pak President.
(Hindustan Times dt 12.11.2007)

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