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Relation between Astrology and Various Professions

By Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBADoctorate in Agriculture and MBA
Are you one of those people who are confused about their career? Do you always try to find answers to the questions like “Which profession would suit my stars? What is the best I can do? What are the talents I have? In which area can I use my skills? Which work would be loved by me? And which career can make me rich?” Well, if that is so then take help of the modern astrology.

In the present times, the main aim of astrology is to define an individual’s career. The above mentioned questions are most commonly asked to the astrologers. I have been an astrologer for the last 15 years and this area has always been one of my favorites – the relation between astrology and career. There are specific astrological indicators of different careers and I have been working on the same for the last many years of my professional life.

A few decades back I discovered a number of combinations of astrology indications with various professions. Actually, I was teaching a beginner’s course in the field of Jyotish in Florida and that is when I discovered the following combinations. And recently I have added a few more professions which are not taken into consideration that seriously – cooking and the sex industry. So, the following studies are an outcome of 15 years of research – an on-again and off-again one!

The following combinations are a result of my research so they can not be taken as the final verdict. However, you can take them as useful indicators of career learning and according to me probably they will work.

Teacher – Let us start with the most important profession. For this, one has to have a strong Jupiter in the chart (kundali). This is so because Jupiter is the planet that rules education. Also, the 4th house plays an important role as it is the house of education. Ruling children and intelligence the 5th house should also be attractive.

Doctor – Even in this case, Jupiter plays an essential part. It is the planet of professionals and has to be in good strength. The 10th house of career and the 5th house of healing should have a good bond. Also, the 12th house should be strong enough. A good example should be Mr. K.N. Rao.

Music – Venus is the most artistic planet of all and that is why in Music it as to be strong. It should also have dig bala in the 4th house. The 3rd house is the one that is of the self efforts and the performing arts and it should be strong. Jupiter is important for Classical, Rahu for Rock and modern, Mercury for instrumental and Moon for vocal.

Lawyer – Again the Jupiter is the one that rules Law. The 9th house of has to be in good strength. Also, the 6th house is of the combativeness and in this profession it should be at the right place in the chart.

Architect – The house of land and houses i.e the 4th house along with Mars and Saturn should be at the right place in the chart. Mars represents building skills and Saturn is the planet of Earth. Besides this, Jupiter should be strong. This provides the required intelligence.

Renunciate Yogi – For this profession, one needs affliction of a few houses. For self-confidence 1st house, the 2nd house for family life as well as money, for home and happiness the 4th house and the 5th and 7th house for children and marriage respectively.

Sex Industry – This could include adult, media and erotic dancing. For this, one has to have strong presence of Venus along with Mars. The planet of happiness, Moon should be confliction. Also, the 1st house must be weak as it is the house of self-approval.

Entrepreneur – This profession demands a combination of many Dhana and Raja Yogas for money and leadership qualities. Besides this, Saturn (planet of big projects) and the 11th house (of gains) should be there in the individual’s chart. This is not all. The dasha sequence has to be indicative of repetitive success. Sun should be strong as it is the planet of leadership and confidence. Presence of a Mahapurusha Yoga is also beneficial. A person with this Yoga generally gains fame and wealth. The same holds for the career of a captain of an industry.

Foreign Languages – For gaining skills in a foreign language an individual needs to have the following planets strong – Jupiter, Mercury and Ketu. Also the 1st house should be strong enough.
Cooking – In this not so popular profession, Mars and Moon should be of good strength. And the 2nd house should be strong.

Manager – For the leadership abilities, the 1st, 5th and the 10th house should be in good position. Also, the planet of royalty Sun should be strong. Mars is the planet of macho and that is why it is also necessary.

Modeling - This profession of beauty demands presence of strong Venus along with the 1st and 2nd houses’ strength.

Writing - This profession demands that the 3rd and 5th house along with the planets – Jupiter and Mercury must be well indicated in an individual’s charts.

Technical profession – The planets Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu have to be strong as these are the natural malefics. And one of these should have a relation with Mercury.

Profession in foreign countries - If you are looking for this then in your chart the 9th and 12th house should be strong enough. The planets Rahu and Ketu are the ones for “foreignness” and they should be prominent. The 4th house should have some afflictions.

Sports - For being a sports person, you need to have Mars string which is the planet for courage. Along with that the 5th house (games), the 3rd house (courage) and the 6th house (competitiveness) must be strong. Mercury should be well represented as it is the planet of fun. And also the planet Sagittarius should be in no case in the 8th or 10th house.

Astrology – To be an astrologer, an individual should have Mercury (talking and calculations), Ketu (the Enlightener) and Jupiter (for tradition and divinity) of good strength. Also the 5th, 8th and 9th house should be strong.

Automobile business – Mars and Venue should be extremely strong. Venus for luxury and Mars for mechanical planet. The 4th house is the house of cars so of course it should be strong as well.

Thus, in most cases the strength of 1st house is required (except the sex industry and yogi profession). Also, the more the connectivity between the separate indicators of the skills, the stronger will be the skill. It is very much clear that astrology works on commonsense where the meanings of each sign planet and house are used to interpret meanings and delineate professions.
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