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Planetary Positions

By Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBADoctorate in Agriculture and MBA

Lagna Lord Mars is retrograde and get to 3rd house aspecting Jupiter : Leo in 9th house and Neptune in 10th house. The Moon is in 5th house under the grip of Rahu/Ketu and Saturn / Uranus. Second and 7th Lord Venus is in own sign Libra. Sun and Mercury causes Budh-aditya yoga in 8th hose.

Prediction for December, 2007 specially with regard to business/ professional trends:

1. This month influence of the Sun, Moon and Saturn shall be noted in particular as there are 5 Sundays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Mondays though the month start with Saturday- Saturn becomes retrograde on 19.12.2007 but continues in Leo.

2. For modernization of food industry including for non-veg products, some integrated policy from the central government indicated.

3. With some fluctuations in some places the cement prices shall stay firm.

4. with the growth of economy and spread of equity cult more funds including from the corporate sector is expected to pour into the stock market.

5. Travel by train shall become more comfortable specially for aged and handicapped persons. In addition more trains shall be air conditioned though increase in fares cannot be ruled out.

6. Breweries and alcoholic factories may get more concession including with regard to getting of licence or such products.

7. More public private companies both in public sector and private sector may enter banking business including banking investment.

8. For house hold goods and appliances more use of glass and aluminum is indicated thus paving way for growth of such industries.

9. All new undertakings started in this month shall be successful of course power and strength of the persons go and the undertakings must be taken into consideration.

10. National finances shall increase and financial relations with other countries shall be beneficial and that government shall feel easy in paying the foreign debts.

11. Subject to above, there are some chances for publishing industry national trade imports an exports, mercantile authorities may take the need steps so that no loss is caused.

12. Because of evil affects of Mars and Rahu, railways, shipping industry, airlines companies communications departments may suffer heavy losses and expenses. Some cases of accidents and fires cannot be ruled out.

13. Crimes specially against women may raise their heads. Gainful alliances or agreement with foreign countries may be shelved or delayed.

14. Rise and fall in prices of essential commodities indicated black marketers i.e hoarders of such commodities to be careful. Prices of bajra, cotton, shares opium must receive specially attention.

15. After 10th December, 2007 on account of various business economic and social issues difference of opinions shall crop between the leaders including criticism by the opposition parties.

16. There may be reports of some VIPs deaths, calamities disasters, murders and some cases of suicide and attempted suicides.

17. Govt may take stringent steps to punish the terrorists and also rebels if any. The top authorities may in trouble for agitations by the rebels and opposition parties.

18. Political parties specially socialistic parties may face bad time.

Remedial measuires

Give donations of wheat, grains, blankets, fruits including ‘Mausmi’ with some money on 16th December, 2007-paush sankranti.

Mokashaasd Kkadshi 20th December, 2007 keep fast and worship Lord Vishnu for mental happiness and for washing of sins if any committed.

Ashtami 1st December, 2007 worship Lord Shiva in Shiva temple and have his blessings.

The above are general indications as per planetary forces. Accordingly the editor of kailash Astro Research Team and ‘Astrology the Soul of All’ owes no responsibility for any action one may take in any walk of his/ her life.

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