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BJP in Karnataka

By Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBADoctorate in Agriculture and MBA

BJP’s candidate Shri Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa becomes 25th Chief Minister of Karnataka - Historical background

It is known to all that Karnataka had been in political troubled water. It may be recalled that earlier the Janta Party Secular (JD S) and the BJP entering into power sharing pact last year, Shri H D Deve Kumaraswamy was to stay as Chief Minister for the first 20 months. The BJP CM was to rule the state for next 20 months as per news item in the Hindustan Times dt. 28.9.2007 BJP ministers alleged that the CM ignored them.

The above behavior of the Chief Minister resulted in crisis in Karnataka “Gowda holds power shift to ransom”- Hindustan Times dt 28.9.2007. JD(S) BJP imbroglio reached boiling point –Economic Times dated 2.10.2007. After JD(S) U-turn, BJP staked claim in Karnataka –Kumaraswamy gives governor letter of support Times of India dated 8.10.2007.

Karnataka gets president’s rule –Assembly in limbo –Hindustan Times dt.10th October 2007. After various steps and pains taken specially by BJP, President’s rule was invoked by the president on cabinet’s recommendation BJP set to form its first government in south India, BJP will share power with H D Deve Gowda led JD (S), opposition congress which has been demanding dissolution of the assembly labeled it an unholy alliance-Metro Now 9th November 2007. The Hindustan Times dt 9.11.2007 also reported president rule is off- saffron goes south. Yeddyruppa invited to from government Hindustan Times dated 10th November 2007.

Since revocation of president rule was an important date a look at the planetary forces is inevitable. The chart no-1 is of 8th November 2007 revoking the president’s rule. On this lucky day for BJP Capricorn Lagna was rising Lagna Lord Saturn gets to 8th house in the grip of Rahu-Ketu 10th house has Sun, Mercury and the Moon. But this combination is aspected by Saturn Jupiter is well placed in 11th house and aspects inter alia 10th house. The new CM has to be careful in the discharge of his duties including relationship with his partners –Jupiter shall be giving be giving him good and sincere advice. For coalition affairs intention of the parties must be sincere so that they do not create any obstacle in carrying out the desired projects. On account of Marts aspect angry tone had been indicated by Gowda junior “BJP should stop humiliating him and take JD(S) seriously. Hence the need to adjust well for both parties for the welfare of people at large.

After so much pain BJP CM get berth in Karnataka five member BJP ministry led by Yeddyruappa sworn in BJP assumes power in a southern state for the first time. Ally JD (S) yet to joining cabinet see Metro Now dt. 13.11. 2007.

Chart No. 2 is of oath ceremony of the new chief minister shri B. S. Yeddyaruppa i.e.on 12th November, 2007 (Monday). Lagna rising was of Capricorn ruled by Saturn who get to 8th house and is in the company of Jupiter who also aspects 7th house. Sun and Mercury are place in 10th house but the combination is aspected by Saturn. Rahu also aspected Sun and Mercury. Keeping in view the malefic fraudulent practices can by adopted. With the reference this chart the native is under the influence of Sun and Mercury which may be tolerable but some odds and obstacles can not be ruled out. However the native must be careful in his utterances specially during the period from 21.11.2008 to 25.1.2009.

Forces behind the Karnataka government

There are two main parties for running the government and both have partnership coalition type agreement to run the government for 20 months turn by turn. The parties are BJP and Janta Dal (S) headed by Shri H.D. Deve Gowda.

Chart No-3 is of BJP Lagna Gemini is ruled by Mercury who get to 9th house but in the grip of Rahu Ketu 7th house inter alia refers to partner opposite party and belongs to Saggiratus ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is a benefic planet but here it is in the partnership affairs are not likely to run smoothly unless parties concerned show their wisdom intelli-gence devotion in running the government i.e. ultimate service to the people of the state . Matching score astrologically is only 9/10 or so.

Chart no.4 belong to H.D. Deve Gowda who is the force behind JD (S) and has a major role to play in running the government. In his chart Lagna Lord Moon combination the native suffers frequently from mental restlessness and anger is indicated in his decisions may be for particular issues points or for his own strict principles. Thus must adjust well in governance.

With above astro analysis it can be said that the alliance may suffer at various stages in view of afflictions indicated above shri Gowda is under the influence of Sun Sun-Venus up to 3.1.2008. but the period from 18.1.2008 to 28.12.2008 may create some troubles including misunder-standing with the partner party

Finally it is stated that problems can be sorted out amicable and with the grace of God as the main aim of all members of legislature is to serve the people of the state and serve well. God bless and good luck to all

In the above predictions, it was inter alia indicated that the new government may have to face many odds obstacles and may suffer from the hands of partner including by wayt of fraudulent practices. Astrologically the matching of partners was just to less i.e 9/10 (minimum 18 needed). Be that as it may, this is what has happened.

i. Hindustan Times dt. 20.11. 2007: BJP govt falls in Karnataka JD(S) wanted cash rich ministries JD(S) asked its MLAs to vote against the government of the floor test on 19th Nov. 2007.

ii. Economic Times dt 20 Nov. 2007: (a) Garden city lotus withers in seven days (b) governor Thakur recommends president’s rule

iii. Metro Now dt 20th November 2007. Gowda pull the rug from under Yeddy’s feet Gowda & son humilitate BJP.
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