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Is He from Mars?

Men are from Mars?? But this one is... How else you explain an exceptional person like him...

Published in Femina, January 2008

I am talking about this successful man of the corporate world, working in one of the worlds largest corporation, a scholar whose work has been applauded and rewarded, introvert, humble and ready to help any one for the right cause, above all; out of his busy schedule manages time for astrological consultations for one and all be the celebrities, politicians, neighbor or a friend, that too without expecting any honorarium!!

What more!

Has an exceptional marriage!!

Marriage of MBA & PhD in economics with Jyotishcharya in Astrology was possible for all the right reasons.. His passion for Astrology!!

This Love affair started rather early in his life a child he would accompany his father Shri Kailash Chand, a renowned non practiced astrologer of his time, for discourses with senior scholars and enlightened souls.

At present he is among the country's most respected articulate astrologer.

The moment the word astrology is spelt out, a number of misconceptions surface!!

Boom in materialistic life has increased insecurities, with the result more and more people are consulting astrologers.

Shankerji's dedication for the subject amazing, for more than thirty years he is immersed in the intense research work. His heartfelt desire to share his findings with others prompted him to convert it into the much celebrated five books on the very intriguing and burning aspects of astrology.

First one on his self discovered principal of Bhrigu Nadi, 'Bhrigu Predictive Techniques' in the Prashar system astrology accurate time of birth is essential but in Bhrigu Nadi it is not so without exact time of birth right prediction can be made. Second on Jupiter and Saturn, deals with complex influences of the key planets in our lives, third on Mars and Jupiter, in this he addresses the type created around Mangal dosh. Forth, on Profession an exploration of the horoscope driven compatibility of individuals with different vocations. Fifth, his latest on Relationships & marriage, deals with the complexities of this intriguing subject.

Meeting this articulate and extensively traveled charismatic personality is a treat. For him astrology is a responsibility - a service he feels called upon to render to persons in difficulty. In the course of reading scores of horoscopes of the people who flock at his residence for free sessions has helped him grow as a person.

You ask any question in the context of astrology and he will answer you with such precision that it satisfies any logical mind.

He suggests do not take astrology a road map and follow it blindly but take it as a thumb nail sketch which you can work and improve upon. There are many other factors which affect your life like the people you live with, the environment, your family and of course your Karma.

Explaining the role of astrology Shankerji says astrology is like any other science based on many assumptions and based on these assumptions we come to certain conclusions. In astrology the final conclusion is based on the inter play of various actions-reactions and lot of sixth sense without it, it is not possible to predict. He further adds astrology is a science-art-using the science of astronomy for calculations and the art of astrology for reading the chart an accurately calculated horoscope.

His parting shot was "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." And with a smile he moves on...

So true!! One can never miss his honesty and sincerity with which he makes the predictions for every one.

Next time you have a question sure you know where to go.....

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