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Political future of Rahul Gandhi

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Published in Starteller, January 2006

Evaluation through Bhrigu technique

For Rahul Gandhi, the horoscope clearly indicates prestigious position, but only after hard work and skillful planning. The position of power and authority will arrive in the year 2008, but caution should be exercised in terms of avoiding accidents.

The technique of prediction adopted here is that of the Bhrigu Nadi, where the importance is given to the Rotation of Jupiter and other aspects related to the star lord, sub-lord and their impact on the other planets. Further, in this predictive technique, the current transit, as well as the Progressed chart are intermingled, which form the basis of the prediction. Jupiter, as per Bhrigu system, is construed to be in a Sign for 12 years and that Sign is taken as the ascendant. The transitory position will be super-imposed.

Significance of the Birth-star

The Moon, in the case of Shri Rahul Gandhi, falls in the nakshtra of Jyeshta. Jyeshta’means ‘the eldest’. It also refers to an umbrella, which gives protection. The native possesses, “a sense of arriving or becoming”. The energies of those born in this nakshtra are channelized in such a way that their activities are perceived by others in the right perspective. They usually mature quickly, both physically and mentally. They have a streak of vindictive tendency. They are protective towards the weak, helpless and the under-privileged. Depression can set in, when the circumstances do not allow constant activity of some kind. Mercury is the planetary ruler of this nakshrta and hence all the energies are focused in the mind (intellect). Such people are born to take care of the masses.

Bhrigu technique of Rotated Jupiter

Rahul Gandhi has completed his 35th year and entered the 36th. During the period of 36 to 48, the Rotated Jupiter will be in Capricorn. It received the aspects of the natal Venus from the second house. Rotated Jupiter occupying the house of Saturn becomes intrinsically weak to act and, therefore, it derives strength from the natal Venus, which is aspecting it. The aspect of Venus of Capricorn and the Rotated Jupiter will be the key factors during this 12 year period. It, therefore, shows that the noticed will be able to understand politics and do all that is required to be successful. The dispositor of the Rotated Jupiter is Saturn (the planet signifying democracy, politics etc), which is in the house of Mars natally, in debilitation , but gets strength from Mercury next to it in Taurus. In the natal chart, Saturn derives major strength from Rahu, which is posited in the 11th (Aquarius) from it. Mercury in front of the natal Saturn, will make the native plan meticulously and Rahu in the 11th from the natal Saturn will give the required execution skills. So he will be able to, not only plan things meticulously, but also executed and think in a big way.

Moon and Mercury

As per the Bhirgu Nadi techniques, Moon is posited in the 11th from the Rotated Jupiter. Transit Jupiter is behind the natal Moon, in Libra. This shows help from this mother. Natal Moon also placed in the 7th from Mercury as per my research, Mercury becomes very strong as Moon always helps Mercury, though the vice-versa may not be true. Therefore, Mercury gets strength from Moon.

Political Prospects

The years 36 and 37, as per the Nadi system, would be the period where the native would plan his future course of action. He will also have problems in dealing with people around, but would be able to manage issues successfully. The year 37-38 would be the period, when he has to deal with negative forces and situations where he would, by his intellect and planning, be successful.

In the years 38 and 39, the native will be able to achieve his objectives and would be at the peak of his career in the 40th year. He will be definitely saddled in an extremely comfortable position by the age of 39-40.

Shanker Adawal


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