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Political Future of Sonia Gandhi

BHRIGU techniques of prediction are followed for analysis in this write-up. The concept of Rotation of Jupiter for 12 years is given major consideration here. The Rotation of Jupiter assigns the ascendant for the corresponding period of 12 years. Potential events of life can be deduced quite accurately through this technique. Only the professional face of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s chart is analyzed here. According to the Bhrigu method, from the 48th year onwards, Jupiter will be in its 5th round i.e. Aquarius. Aquarius, the 11th Sign of the Zodiac is the place of growth and prosperity. Jupiter, as per Bhrigu system, is construed to be in a Sign for 12 years and that Sign is taken as the ascendant. The transitory position will be super-imposed.

Impact of Saturn as the depositor of Rotated Jupiter

The rotated Jupiter in Aquarius has the Sign Leo opposite to it. The ruler of Leo is Sun, which is associated with Mercury and Ketu in the Sign of Mars, i.e. Scorpio in the natal chart. The depositor of the rotated Jupiter is Saturn, which is posited natally in Cancer (denoting masses) in retrogression. Saturn as a retrograde planet will give results of the house where it is situated as well as those of the previous house i.e. Gemini in this case. Saturn, signifying the potential of Jupiter, will give results of Cancer and Gemini. From the age of 48 to 60, the native will, therefore, have the impact of Saturn being placed in the sixth house as well as in the sixth house as well as in the fifth house, reckoned from Aquarius. Please remember that in the Bhrigu Nadi System for the 12 year period i.e. 48 to 60, the ascendant is Aquarius, which is the house of the rotated Jupiter, as explained above. In spite of delays and frustrations, she will be planning big. Mercury (the intellect) associated with Ketu (Secrecy) and Sun (politics, power, etc.) is occupying the 10th house of career (reckoned form Aquarius).

In the natal chart, Rahu (the energy to act) is placed in the 11th from Saturn, the Karaka for masses. More so, it is placed in the Sign of Cancer, also denoting the public. During the second half of the 5th round of the rotated Jupiter, steady rise in her career is noted.

Aggressive decisions at the right time

Moon is the depositor of Saturn. It is posited in the 12th to Saturn and is expected by Mars, occupying the house of Jupiter i.e. Sagittarius. Sudden reversals and aggressive changes in the thinking process are possible, but right decisions will be made at the right time.

From August 2005, the best period starts. Radical changes will take place in the management of the party affairs. In 2006, the results will be evident. She has started laying strong foundation for the future and there will be no looking back for the next 2.5 years, inspite of occasional pinpricks.

When Jupiter transits into Libra, the favorable 9th house from the rotated Jupiter, all-round success can be expected for Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Venus, the depositor of the transit Jupiter, is in good strength, occupying its own house natally. She may get a position to enjoy greater authority.

At the age of sixty, she will display her subtle political knowledge and become immensely popular with the masses.

From July 2007, the peak period starts, when Saturn transits in Leo. Health could pose problems.

Bright political future awaits Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.


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