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Navnansha in Hindu Vedic Astrolgy!


Navnansha Circle

Status of Navnasha Ascendant

In the Navnasha circle, 30 Anshas of each ascendant have been divided into 9 parts on whose commands the Indians rely very much. Under this, every celestial house is assigned 9 stars. 30 degrees of every celestial house are divided into 9 stars where Navnasha of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are taken into consideration from the beginning of Aries, Navnasha of Taurous, Verigo and Capricorn from the beginning of Capricorn; Navnasha of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius from beginning of Libra and Navnasha of Cancer, Scorpion, and Pisces from the beginning of cancer. One Navnasha consists of 3 Ansh, 20 Kula i.e. 3 degrees and 20 minutes. In short, Navnasha pertains to the star that represents an ascendant. Suppose Aries is the Ascendant of our target time. Hence the Navnasha of Aries will remain for 3 degrees and 20 minutes, normally 3 Ansh and 20 Kula in the Aries ascendant. Mars is the lord of that Rashi. When Mars is the lord of Aries, the next Navnasha will be of Taurus. The third one will be Gemini, the fourth Cancer, the fifth Leo, the sixth Virgo, the seventh Libra, the eighth Scorpio, and the ninth Sagitarius, since the Navnasha of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn begins from Capricorn the lord of this Navnasha will be Saturn. Whereas Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. In case the ascendant has passed over more than 3 Ansh and 20 Kula then Navnasha will be attributed to Aquarius because the lord of Pisces is Jupiter. Now, whether the planet lying inside the Pisces Rashi is a friend or an enemy of Jupiter or neutral is to be seen. Ascendant if will demonstrate its impact.

Navnasha Horoscope

Since the inference of ascendant is 3 Rashi, 13 Ansh, 36 Ghari, 12 pal the ascendant shown in the Navnasha horoscope is Scorpio Navnasha. Accordingly, the calculation of planets will be entered in the Navnasha horoscope.

Dr. A. Shanker

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