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How to Calculate Isht Nadi?

When the isht 50 ghari 5 pals is deducted from 60 gharis of day and night we get a remainder of 9 ghari and 55 pal. 9 gharis are converted into pal, It means 9 is multiplied by 60 to get the product 540 to which 55 pals are added to make
 595. A deduction of 307 from this will leave 278. When 30 anshas are made by picking up one number from these will have 287. When 25 anshas are deducted from 30 anshas 5 will be left. Now, 60 kulas are made by pecking up one number from 5. The other four will remain as they are. When 9 Kulas will be taken out from 60 kulas there will remain 51 kulas. Of them 50 are taken while one kula is converted into 60 bakula out of which 59 are deducted and one bakula will remain there. The result will be 287 Rashi, 9 ansh, 50 kula, 10 bakula 359 pals of Leo of the previous Rashi were to be deducted from the number of Rashi which cannot be less than 287. Therefore, the Rashi remained impure (ashudh).

287 multiplied by 30 gives the product 8610. When 4 is added to it the total will be 8414. Now, this total will be divided by 359 pals of Leo in ashudh raans which gives a quotient 33 to be placed in the first grade. The remaining 357 is multiplied by 60 to make 21420. The addition of 50 Kula to this product will make 21470. This total is divided by 359 pals to bring a quotient 59 which is placed on the seemed grade. The remaining 2895 is multiplied by 60 to get the product 17340 which I bakula is added to make 17341. This total is divided by 359 pals to bring a quotient 48. The result is 22 ansh, 59 hula and 48 bakula.

Now, due to Bhagat we deduct it from ashuddh Rashi, and 20 anshas are developed by picking one of the five Rashias while there remain four out of 30 ansh 23 are deducted while there remain 7. One of them is Converted into 60 Kular while these remain 6. When 59 Kules are deducted from 60 Kules there remains just one kule. That too is converted into 60 bakula while there remains zero. When 48 bakulas is deducted from 60 bakula we are left with 12 bakulas. The final result is:

4 Rashi – 16 ansh – 0 kula – 12 bakula

0 Rashi – 23 ansh – 34 kula – 0 bakula

Remainder 30 Rashi 12 ansh 36 kula – 12 bakula

This shows that cancer ascendant at our target time is determined to be 13 ansh, 36 kula, 12 bakula.

Dr. A. Shanker

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