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Description of Saptansh

The seventh part of an ascendant is called Saptansh. 30 Anshas of every lagan are divided into 30 Ansha. Each part consists of 4 Ansha, 17 kula and 8 Bakula. These Anshas are divided according to the first inference. The first part of the ascendant is designated the lord of the ascendant. The second part belongs to the planet who is the lord of the sky under that. For example, if we have to derive saptansha of Aries Rashi the first part number wise will he Aries, the second Taurus, the third Gemini, the fourth Cancer, the fifth Leo, the sixth Virgo, and the seventh Libra Raasi Saptansh. The Raasi  indicated in the column of Saptansha and the properties of the ascendant that is the lord of that Raasi may be tallied with the Saptansh. The ascendant inference namely cancer is 3 Raas 12 Ansh, 36 Ghari 12 pal, Therefore, up to 12 Ansh, 51 Ghari, 25 pal of cancer which is Pisces Raasi are taken as ascendant in the Saptansh horoscope.


Saptansh Horoscope

The calculation of if planets in Saptansh horoscope will be recorded the same as the Sun inference 5 of our target time namely 12 Ansh, 55 Ghari 43 pal of kanya Rashi. In Saptansh  circle, there are 4 Ansh, 17 Ghari, and 8 pal of kanya Rashi that Comprise Pisces ascendant. Therefore, Sun also is included in Pisces ascendant. Likewise, other planets too should be indicated in Saptansh's horoscope.

Dr. A. Shanker

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