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How to watch celestial houses!

Add 35 as per convention to the year of birth and divide the total by 30. Divide the remainder by 2.5. If it is fully divided its quotient will be Saturday. In case there is still a remainder Saturday may be worked out by adding only one digit to the quotient. Add 7 to the year of Brahas that fifth and divide it by 12. The remainder itself will be Brahaspat. Add 17 to the year of Rahu fifth and divide it by 18. Divide the remainder by 1.5. The quotient will be Rahul. If there is still a remainder, add one more digit to the quotient. Thus, Rahu will be worked out ketu will be the seventh from the house of Rahu. Native can depict the state of celestial houses like Surya, Mangal, and Shukr through the solstice, dates and moon path. 

One who does not know the year, month and day of his birth and wants to know good and bad omens of his life without such details through a dummy horoscope may find a natural way of doing so is mentioned in old treatises.

Horoscope and its rules: If one does not know the month and the day of his birth and asks about the intention of drawing a horoscope, the astrologer should draw two horoscopes by deducing the fortunate moment of his question. In one kundli he will put the plenty of that day with the help of the prevalent almanac the other kundli is filled up with auspicious moments.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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