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Delineation of Rising Virgo Sign!

Virgo natives acquire honors and position by their own personal merits and by the use of their inherent faculties. They are endowed with a cool, clear intellect and have a great sense of justice but are often impassively cold and harsh in their treatment of others, they make good faithful friends but very hard masters. There is a want of proportion in the mind which tends to give undue importance to small things. 

The nature is pious and honest and very careful of ways and means in the affairs of life. Kind, modest, retiring and yet agreeable in company, the subjects of Virgo are often difficult to know, though very confiding where affection or trust is given. Generally good-tempered, slow to anger, but also very slow to forgive, they hold those long in displeasure who have hurt them; but under adequate inducement they will repent their anger. The will is firm and strong, though capable of sudden changes under persuasion. The mind is highly endowed, intelligent and ingenious, holding its opinions with great tenacity.

Virgo sign conduces to a love of the liberal arts, literature, history, the drama and divinity, it renders the native eloquent, persuasive, sometimes a great talker but generally of quiet tone and demeanor. There is frequently a love of horticulture, gardening, farming etc., but the mind is equally capable of mastering the theoretical and practical sciences and frequently inclines to more recondite and abstruse studies. 

The young life is fraught with dangers of sickness or accident while in the cradle. The degree of wealth shown is not very considerable and is frequently acquired only by don't of hard labour; even then thee remains a menace of loss, especially during the earlier part of life, the close being more fortunate.

The occupation will generally be of a clerical, literary or artistic nature, frequently the native has many things in hand at the same time. "Between two stools" native often come to the ground but at the end success is attained. 

The complaints incident to Virgo are, colic and flatulent pains in the bowels, dysentery, diarrhea and uterine affections; dyspeptic action arising from debility, want of tone or blood impurity. Eczema also is a common complaint with subjects of this sign.

Dr. A. Shanker

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