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Time difference in Sunrise and Places!

Since the earth is spherical, the timings of the rise and setting of the Sun differ from place to place and the chart of the time difference has been evolved according to a standard. The Madras Railway Standard Time is in practice everywhere and the time at every place is different from that of Madras. The time of Sunrise whether earlier or later than Madras (now Chennai) is recorded in the chart so that the fortunate movement could be determined through adjustments with Madras time while drawing a horoscope.

Since the durations of both day and night are calculated at 30 gharis on the occasion when the day and the night are equal the Sun rises at 4 O’clock and sets in the evening at 6 O’clock. The time of the Sun rises and Sun sets changes with the variation in duration of day and night.

  At places that do not figure in the chart one may calculate the time there, according to the time in a nearby city or district as the difference of a minute or two does matter in respect of determining the fortunate moment. Suppose someone wants to draw the lagan on the first day of Baisakh at 2:25 pm. By observing the daily chart of lagan, it is known that Kark lagan occurs on the first day of Baisakh up to 2:52 pm. If we have to watch this lagan at Ambala the difference of Ambala is 42 minutes compared to Madras and 10 minutes compared to Lahore. It means that the Sun rises at Ambala 42 minutes later than Madras and 10 minutes earlier than Lahore. Therefore, when we add the time difference of 22 minutes to 12:25 the Kark lagan will be fixed at 12:47. The time in Ambala is the last part of Kark lagan. Since we need to watch lagan at 2:25 the next lagan after Kark is singh which is recorded to exist up to 3:15. The difference between Ambala is 22 minutes later than Madras. When it will be added to 3:15 the singh lagan will be fixed at 3:37. This is the time at Ambala. In Lahore, the singh lagan will exist up to 3:47. Similarly, by including or excluding the time difference one can fix the lagan.

Dr. A. Shanker

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