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Local Timing and Errors in Horoscope Readings!

India and Foreign Countries:
When there are 10 degrees of Leo ascendant or Singh lagan in India there are 15 degrees of Aquarius lagan in the USA. When a difference occurs in lagan the characteristics and dimensions of all stars will certainly become different. Principles of astrology depend on the characteristics of lagan. An astrologer must be conversant in eliciting the correct location and stage of stars by observing the celestial horizon and knowing which star is located and where. 

Cause of Error in Horoscope: One of the causes of error in generating a horoscope is people’s unfamiliarity with the correct local time in the city they live in. There are clocks and clock towers in abundance, but a clock giving accurate time is very rare. Even experienced astrologers and star watchers do not have sound knowledge of the celestial horizon and middle point where the time is calculated through the passage of stars. Those who observe the motion of stars whether in the East or West direction, determine the exact point of their location from the middle point. They can determine the time through speculation, even on cloudy nights.

Deviations and Objections: Those who object to astrology may consider the fact that if an error is possible in generating a birth horoscope astrological calculations also may get disturbed due to an error of locating the positions of stars. Before generating a horoscope one should understand that the horoscopes prepared nowadays are generally inadequate and do not follow the appropriate astrological principles. When such an incomplete horoscope reaches the hands of an unknowledgeable and simpleton person he interprets it wrongly. Thus an accurate horoscope combined with the astrologer’s scant knowledge produces dangerous results.

In case such an astrologer makes an ominous interpretation his client is displeased and shirks away from paying the astrologer’s fee. Our new generation considers astrology an awkward and senseless knowledge, hence it is unreliable. Then the poor astrologers begin to predict pleasing things just for the sake of saving their livelihood, so that people part with some cash. However, some unwise and shortsighted persons bring a bad name to this spiritual and divine science and dub it as baseless and irrelevant.

Dr. A. Shanker

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