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Multiple Marriages and Affairs! - What are the reasons?

In this article we will examine promise in a horoscope of a person to see more than one marriage or affairs. First we deal with common factors of having multiple affairs or marriage. Then we will differentiate between marriage and affairs.

Multiple relations
  These can result in marriage or can remain affair. The basic factor is the lagan and lagan lord of navamsha.
1.   Lagan of navamsha is the desire of marriage. The lord of lagan is the source to fulfill it. Thus lagan lord must be well placed and well aspected in navamsha. It should be in special status like exaltation, debilitation, own sign or vargottam. It gives multiple relations.

2.  Dhana yoga is present in navamsha.

3.  Upchaya houses have planets. The tenth house must have planets. Any two of other Upchaya houses can be occupied. These can be malefic or benefics. Benefics make life easy.

4.  Jupiter is the planet to give adherence to dharma or social binding. Jupiter should be afflicted in navamsha and influence the lagan, seventh or tenth house.

5. Second house is sanskars. The second lord of birth horoscope is examined in navamsha. If it is under malefic influence by conjunction or aspect it will show lack of good sanskars.

Example: – Kate Winslet, Date of Birth: 5 October 1975, Time of Birth: 7:15, Place of Birth: Reading UK


This chart is of Kate Winslet. She has married three times. We examine the promise of multiple marriages.

 1.       Lagan of navamsha is having both benefic and malefic influence.

2.       Lagan lord Mercury is exalted in fourth house and aspected by Jupiter.

3.       Only one Upchaya has Jupiter.

4.       Dhana yoga is present in navamsha.

5.       Jupiter is under malefic aspect of Saturn. Jupiter is retrograde and is in tenth house.

6.       Second lord of birth chart is Venus. Venus is under malefic influence of Rahu.

 All conditions of having multiple relations are met.

 Example – Donald Trump, DOB 14 June 1946, TOB 10.54, POB Jamaica USA



  Donald Trump had three marriages. We apply the parameters of multiple marriages on his chart.

1.       Lagan of navamsha is not aspected by any planet. It is in kartari. Lagan lord is well placed in ninth house and aspected by Jupiter.

2.       Dhana yoga is not present in navamsha.

3.       Two Upchaya houses are occupied by benefics.

4.       Afflicted Jupiter is aspecting seventh house.

5.       Second lord of birth chart is not afflicted in navamsha.

Strength of lagan lord of navamsha is important.

Marriage or affairs

A benefic seventh house and afflicted seventh lord gives more marriages. A malefic seventh house and a benefic un- afflicted seventh lord gives affairs.

 Example – DOB 9 April 1959, TOB 04.07, POB Jagraon

The conditions of multiple relations are met. The lagan lord is with exalted Mercury. The seventh lord is exalted and with Jupiter.

The seventh house is afflicted and seventh lord is benefic. This case was discussed in a seminar. She had 27 affairs/ marriage.
Love affair

Fifth lord and seventh lords are seen for love affairs. It is seen in birth chart and confirmed in Navamsha.

1.       Fifth lord is influencing seventh house or lord in birth chart. Similarly seventh lord is influencing fifth house or lord in birth chart.

2.       Fifth and seventh lords are conjunct or exchange signs.

3.       These are confirmed in navamsha. The connection of fifth and seventh house/ lord is a must in navamsha.

4.       When these are under benefic influence then love results in marriage. If under malefic influence, then it remains an affair only.

Example DOB 4 July 1982, TOB 10.46, POB Orlando FL

This chart is of an American girl who married an Indian boy settled in USA. The marriage happened after they had an affair.

The fifth and seventh lords are not connected in birth chart. In navamsha Mars and Saturn are the lords. Both are in lagan.  There is no malefic or benefic relation with them. The relation resulted in marriage. Happiness in marriage is seen from fourth house. Fourth house is aspected by Moon who is lagan lord and gets a benefic aspect of Jupiter.

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