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Planetary fixed bodies and moving planets

Existence of twelve houses and 27 constellations in addition to planetary fixed bodies has been inferred which together form a shape or figure. These twelve houses are equated to twelve realms while the planets are like emperors or lords. Indian philosophers determined the houses of this entire sphere and ascribed 30 degrees to each house. Then, every degree has been divided into sixty parts termed as minute or  ‘kula’. Further, one part of a minute was called second. These degrees are similar to village or township while houses are akin to cities. In other words, degrees represent villages and minutes resemble palaces in which all planets perform their rotational cycle at  fixed routine.

Moving celestial bodies are called planets whereas fixed bodies are known as. There is a difference of opinion about fixed bodies among masters of astronomy. Some say that their impact is confined to  animals and vegetation  while others hold that humans too are influenced by them. Due to being  located very  far  from their impact  reaches the earth  in considerably long  time. There is no need to discuss their impact and properties. However, the effects that rashis and constellations bring to us are consequence of these vey fixed bodies. If it is admitted that these fixed bodies are spheres of another solar system even they are at so much distance form the earth  that  even the most  sophisticated telescope s could not  make them visible. It is due to this distance that when their light touches the earth  it is extremely  poor  and dull. Consequently their   influence on humans is much reduced and delayed as well.  It is like the impact  of medicines which  is beyond our  control  some medicines give quick  relief while others take much  time to  produce result.  However, our experience gets widened with success and developments in pharmaceutical and clinical researches. Study  of  medicine or  its practice is not  shunned describing  it  as deficient  or  ineffective. Hence, there a number of  stars and planets whose impact  on humans can be depicted sufficiently. Here, we are strictly  concerned with  those celestial bodies that  are consequential in influencing  human actions and  thoughts and their outcome.

Dr. A. Shanker

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