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Celestial Houses and its impacts

The populated part of  the world is situated in the very  centre of the earth. The hot  and cold conditions on its two  sides, namely  North  and South have gradually  become moderate by  the time they touch this middle stretch. That  is why this central or  fourth realm is much  populated and moderate while the third  and the fifth  realms are nearer to moderate. The realms neighboring them also have caught  this feature of moderateness. The first and the seventh realms are minimally moderated. Therefore, moderate realms are characterized by knowledge, art  and culture. The dwellers of the first realm live in forests and caves feeding  on grass and leaves. They  dislike unity  and fellow feeling. They  are of beastly nature like desert animals. They have no religion or faith. They  neither  recognize God, nor prophet. All this is the outcome of immoderate conditions. Also the dwellers of northern non temperate regions are like desert  animals. They too are faithless and ignorant. Their living  conditions are the same as described above. The conditions of the inhabitants of  the second, the sixth  and seventh  realms are comparatively much  inferior. There dwellings are made of reeds and their food consists of coarse grains like barley  and millet. They  cover  their body  with leaves or animal hide to wrap  around the waist. They  are  of  black complexion and at  times nude. Fruits grown in this region are quite clumsy in shape. Their habits are akin to those of desert animals. Since the sun shines just  over  their heads twice in a year. Not  only  climate and weather are affected by  it, but  human beings also influenced physically as their bodies get  blackened. In the sixth  and seventh  realms the sun never falls near the equator. Therefore, people there are fair in color. Such  regions have extremely lighter summers  and milder  winters. The conditions in the fifth, the fourth  and third realms are quite moderate. However, the fourth  realm has the highest  degree of temperance where people a excellent from the point  of view of knowledge, culture, lifestyle, manners governance, humor etc. In some countries where sun rays touch the adjoining  latitudes by after  reflecting  sea surface the temperament  of people is quite pleasant as compared to  those who  live in hilly  areas. The sun rays have a natural gift  that  nourishes all human beings, animals, plants and even stones.

Dr. A. Shanker

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