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Planet Venus impact on sign Gemini

Planet Venus in Gemini - A positive House of Mercury:
 The native is sociable in manner, good-humored and friendly, clear in ideas and intuitional. Native is original and inventive and should receive a good education. Is inclined to religion, especially of a poetic or mystical kind. The native may accomplish much as a writer, speaker, musician, or artist, as this position refines the mind and feelings, and tends in one of these directions (the position sometimes goes with neat handwriting).

Harmony is preserved between the native and his/her brethren and cousins. Native will earn money through matters signified by Gemini, and will have more than one occupation or receive money from more than one source. There will be pleasure and profit from journeys and travelling. The position is favorable for marriage and for social popularity, and there is a likelihood of more than one love affair or marriage. The native will marry or have a love affair with a relative; or the wife may come from a considerable distance. There is some tendency to flirt and inconstancy in love.

Dr. A. Shanker

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