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Planet Venus impact in Taurus!

Planet Venus in Taurus - a negative house of Venus: An affectionate nature, faithful in love, and generally fixed, determined, decided, positive and tenacious in opinion. The Marriage is likely, but is sometimes delayed. Some trouble will be introduced in connection with the marriage, either through money or because of a death (possibly of marriage partner), or separation from the loved one; there may be incompatibility of temper or an unyielding disposition on one side or the other. 

The worst of these troubles will not follow unless there are bad aspects, however, though the marriage is likely to be for money on one side. The position is generally favorable for money and possessions; money by legacy, partnership, or marriage is likely, and there is good fortune in business and trading generally. The native is fond of money, but generous with it, nevertheless, and gain money through some occupation signified by Venus.

Dr. A. Shanker

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