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Spirit, Soul and Body vs Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Earth)

Spirit, Soul and Body have before been said to bear relation to the Sun, Moon and Earth (Ascendant) respectively. It will therefore be seen that the fixed, cardinal and mutable signs are themselves duly related to Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Hence the following characterisation may be taken as typical of the "normal" or most natural expression while other arrangements with any or all of the factors changed will bring about modifications such as will naturally suggest themselves to the mind, the Sun in a cardinal and Moon in a fixed sign, for instance, bestowing a personality too rigid and too little impressible by the solar force of the individuality behind; and so on. 

The Sun in a Fixed Sign gives individual power, reserve force, restraint, stability and reliance to the character; if abused this will show as pride, arrogance, over-determination and dogmatism.

The Moon in a Cardinal Sign gives a changeable, flexible and ambitious personality which if abused will lead to insincerity, love of fame or notoriety, exaggeration, untruthfulness and recklessness of conduct.

The ASCENDANT in a Mutable Sign gives adaptability, graceful movements and a delicate expression of the nature, free from either stolidity or over-assertiveness.

From this it will be seen that a careful judgment of these factors in their various combinations will bring a flood of light to bear upon the three inherent expressions of humanity, Spirit, Soul and Body. 

Dr. A. Shanker 

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